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Web Browser Grand Prix: Chrome 25, Firefox 19, And IE10

Page Load Reliability And Security

Page Load Reliability

When we opened the additional 39 tabs in our memory test, we made sure that each one was fully loaded, and then recorded the number of tabs that required a reload due to missing elements or broken formatting. These observations represent how reliable each browser is at completely and properly rendering pages as they're being subjected to a heavy workload.

Opera once again takes the lead for properly loading pages, averaging one reload in Windows 7 and three in Windows 8. Chrome places second on both versions of Windows, though it shares that spot with Firefox in Windows 8. Back to Windows 7, though. IE9 finishes in third place, followed by Firefox and IE10.

Interestingly, IE10 has more page-loading issues than IE9.


BrowserScope's simple 17-point security checklist remains our sole measure of browser security.

Chrome takes the lead with just one failed checkpoint. IE10 steals second place, passing 14 of the 17 tests. Firefox and IE9 tie for third place, while Opera winds up in last place again.

Next up is standards conformance, followed by the winner's circle.