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Tablet And Smartphone: Gestures

Windows 8 In Videos: An Operating System Reimagined?

The lock screen gives you all of the relevant "at a glance" information: from the next calendar appointment to battery life, messages, and so on. Just swipe up to get back to the log-in screen. And this is where things get kind of cool.


Lock ScreenLock Screen

Windows 8 Preview: Picture Password, Metro UI

Julie Larson-Green, VP of Windows Experience, demonstrated a completely new way to log-in to your computer. You can set a picture password that allows you to forgo typing in characters in a touch-centric interface. In our case, we draw a circle on the hummingbird's beak, a circle on a flower, and a line on the hummingbird's tail. Notice my failed attempts. It's very sensitive to the correct combination and gestures.

If your touch-enabled device has a resolution of 1366x768 or higher, you can also dock Metro apps. Just swipe down with four fingers. Dismiss the dock by dragging the resize bar.

Windows 8 Preview: Metro Dock

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