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Diving In: Splash Screen And Application Navigation

Windows 8 In Videos: An Operating System Reimagined?

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The screen you see immediately after installation should be a clear indicator that Microsoft is doing something different. The true depth of the change isn't apparent until you hit the home screen, though.

Home ScreenHome Screen

Meet the new home screen of Windows. Microsoft calls this interface style "Metro," and it’s the new design philosophy driving everything at the company. We saw this on the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7. Solid colors and clean text are key elements underpinning Metro.

Windows 8 Preview: Returning to Home Screen, Metro UI

Applications are no longer accessed through the familiar Start menu. Instead, opening a program involves clicking on its tile. Returning to the Metro splash screen is as simple as moving the cursor to the lower left-hand corner (keyboard shortcut: Control + C) and clicking Start.

Windows 8 Preview: Tiles, Metro UI

The whole interface can be rearranged like a puzzle. Don’t want a certain application listed? You can remove its tile and find it later by searching for it in the application directory.

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