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Cases - Page 8


Once you know what you want to put inside of your dream PC, you need to pick the right case to hold all of those parts. Noise levels, cooling performance, and expansion are all variables we take into consideration when we review the latest enclosures.

news - JULY 16 1

Got a bad case of the Mondays? Cheer yourself up with some hot deals, courtesy of our friends at LogicBuy.

news - JULY 15 34

Corsair has updated its Carbide Series PC Gaming cases with a new Windowed Version of its popular 300R.

news - JULY 9 22

NZXT has launched a new LED configurator that allows users to customize their PC using a variety of different effects and colors.

news - JULY 5 0

Some hot deals to help you get back into work after the holiday.

news - JULY 5 35

CoolerMaster just released a new compact enthusiast PC case.

news - JULY 5 34

There has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding Diablo 3 and users, who are running the game on not officially supported operating systems, getting banned.

news - JULY 4 32

This is what happens when you comment on the thickness of Fractal Design's case panels.

reviews - JUNE 25 45

We've already given you a pictorial walk-through of cases six through 10 of our 15-chassis round-up. Today, we build PCs inside of them, evaluate their value, and pick one as the most likely to satisfy your...

picture story - JUNE 21 51

Offering extensive features and unique design options, the five mainstream gaming enclosures in today's story deserve an in-depth look before we launch into our review, comparing them all. And remember, this is...

news - JUNE 20 3

Akasa was showing off some of its goods at Computex.

news - JUNE 19 20

Computex Taipei has long since closed its doors but we're still working through the backlog of images and information from the editorial team that was deployed in Taiwan. Rosewill was at the show to display...

news - JUNE 16 18

Is Microsoft looking to make a MagSafe of its own?

news - JUNE 15 1

Here are today's hot deals to help ring in the weekend.

picture story - JUNE 13 26

Do you like computer mods? How about steampunk? You're in luck. Since joining Pinterest last month, we've come across a ton of fantastic and awe-inspiring homebrewed imagery. Today, we round up the top 40...

news - JUNE 10 26

Thermaltake showcased a custom Iron Man case mod this week during Computex.

news - JUNE 9 18

We saw a lot of weird cases at Computex, but there was also a ton of more conventional looking cases that focused more on function than form. Silverstone had two such cases at its booth, the Raven 4 and the...

news - JUNE 9 14

Antec is branching out.

news - JUNE 4 36

In the future, you could charge your phone simply by touching it.

news - JUNE 2 28

Ukrainian gamer creates mean green fighting robot pc machine.

news - MAY 30 24

Lian Li will showcase two moving PC cases next week at Computex Taipei 2012.

news - MAY 28 11

UK websites must now ask visitors for permission to store cookies.

reviews - MAY 25 56

Mainstream cases priced between $80-120 seem to be the most popular with our readers. But there's a huge range of quality and features in that segment. Today we build up five cases from our recent picture story...

picture story - MAY 21 41

We put out feelers for mainstream gaming cases priced between $80 and $120 and were surprised to receive 15 submissions. Today we cover the first five, giving you a virtual tour of each enclosure's features...

news - MAY 16 4

Company revealed numbers as it opened up about plans to work more closely with UK government.

news - MAY 4 80

PC gaming isn't dead.

news - MAY 2 50

Not pleased, as you can imagine.