Jonsbo adds new C6-ITX case to its lineup — featuring lots of mesh and a smart carrying handle

C6-ITX case by Jonsbo
(Image credit: Jonsbo)

The Jonsbo C6-ITX joins its micro-ATX brother in the Chinese part-maker's stable of cases that have garnered a fair amount of popularity. Jonsbo has been a rising star in the PC case and cooling worlds, and the latest addition makes some seemingly smart design decisions. Check our list of the best mini-ITX cases to see competing options.

The C6-ITX at first glance seems like a shrunken-down version of the C6 case, featuring the same mesh side, top, and front panels for maximum airflow. It also inherits the fabric handle that some C6 models include for better portability. But further examination reveals some changes to ensure all of your components fit nicely within the limited confines.

The power supply mount has migrated to the front of the case, where you can fit a full-size ATX power supply up to 140 mm long — smaller SFX supplies will also work. The relocation of the PSU also helps increase airflow, addressing a noted concern with the C6 mATX. The case has one dual-purpose drive bay for either 2.5- or 3.5 inch drives, and it can fit up to three case fans: one each for the top, rear, and bottom (the last is only accessible if no 3.5-inch drive is installed). The 2.5 inch drive will sit directly behind the front panel IO, which is simple with only a USB 3.0 port, a USB Type-C port, and a combined headphone/mic audio jack.

Jonsbo C6-ITX case, with side panels removed

(Image credit: Jonsbo)

The choice of hardware is fairly wide for an ITX case, with room for CPU coolers as tall as 170mm and graphics cards as long as 255mm. A power-focused build could fit up to an RTX 4070 Ti Super, using one of the shorter models. The case itself measures 202x266x295.2 mm, a snug shape weighing only 2.50 kg when empty. Online opinions on the C6 mATX flavor note its ability to be lifted and transported by the fabric handle easily, so a smaller and lighter C6-ITX case should be even more convenient.

Jonsbo's envelope-pushing cases include the open-air MOD4 chassis, and it has an expansive slate of small form factor cases like the one we used to build our RGBaby PC. The Chinese company has been praised in recent years for its daring designs, sturdy build quality, and attention to detail, and the C6-ITX looks to be a hit with builders and enthusiasts alike.

The C6-ITX will release in black and white steel versions, both coming with a handle as standard. There's no word yet on pricing or when the case will be commercially available, which is standard for Jonsbo case announcements. We expect it will arrive some time in the coming months, certainly before the end of the year.

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