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Windows 8 - Page 3


In an effort to bridge the divide between desktops, notebooks, and tablets, Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is very touch-oriented. Our software news, reviews, and guides help you get the most out of the company’s newest environment so that you never have to feel lost.

news - SEPTEMBER 11 23

The new Surface tablets are just around the corner.

news - SEPTEMBER 11 17

Microsoft changes its mind.

news - SEPTEMBER 6 7

The Toshiba Click is an AMD-powered tablet with keyboard docking station.

news - SEPTEMBER 2 27

Microsoft may merge Windows RT and Windows Phone.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 15

Dell has launched three touch-capable monitors starting at $250 USD.

news - AUGUST 31 15

Microsoft extends the back-to-school Surface Pro discount indefinitely.

news - AUGUST 29 3

Here's an Ultrabook-focused touch-based mouse for Windows 8 and Mac OS X.

news - AUGUST 28 26

No one is getting the new Windows 8.1 RTM build except for OEMs, not even developers.

news - AUGUST 27 28

Ballmer's retirement is sudden and sooner than originally planned.

news - AUGUST 26 8

Here's a way to play Angry Birds across the office floor.

news - AUGUST 25 29

Lenovo is shipping new Windows 8 PCs with Pokki, but it won't be chocolatey and crunchy.

news - AUGUST 23 68

Ballmer is saying goodbye to Microsoft.

news - AUGUST 20 22

There's a problem with Windows 8's real-time clock that affects all benchmarking tools.

news - AUGUST 18 14

In its fiscal quarter ending June 30, Lenovo's biggest money maker was its laptop business.

news - AUGUST 14 21

It takes last year's design to a whole new level of innovation.

news - AUGUST 13 3

Asus has introduced the new ET2301 AIO desktop, but it may just be a Haswell update to the ET2300 series.

news - AUGUST 11 7

Both of these devices will support Samsung's SideSync technology.

news - AUGUST 9 8

Lenovo has finally launched its Windows 8 10.1 inch tablet.

news - AUGUST 6 14

Here's another "world's lightest and thinnest" gaming laptop.

news - AUGUST 5 10

Naturally, all this new touchy-feely going on with laptops brings a new need for better protection against fingers and other objects.

news - AUGUST 2 12

All three have ten-point touch input, making them great for Windows 8 navigation.

news - JULY 24 8

These three displays are Windows 8 Certified.

news - JULY 23 6

The Asus Z87-C is the first Z87 motherboard to receive a WHQL certification for Windows 8.1.

news - JULY 21 8

Acer is addressing the issues surrounding the Iconia W3 tablet with a second generation solution this fall.

news - JULY 17 5

HP's new Split x2 Windows8 hybrid device is now selling at Best Buy.

news - JULY 16 16

Don't worry, the talking dog isn't coming back to your screen.