VOTW: 3D Music Video Doesn't Require Glasses

For the last couple of weeks, people have been discussing the possible technologies behind Nintendo's new 3DS. The company announced it would soon be launching a handheld gaming console that would be 3D-capable but wouldn't require glasses.

The general consensus is that Nintendo will employ Sharp's parallax barrier LCD (click here to learn more) but there are other alternatives when it comes to producing 3D video without the dorky glasses. Below is one such alternative.

The following is a music video for "Doubtful Discomfort" by Blue Roses. Laughing Squid reports that the video uses a technique called wiggle stereoscopy, which films sequences with two cameras, slightly offset from one another. Playback involves rapidly alternating between images from either camera.

As you can see from the video below, watching a movie made using this method would probably induce headaches and vomiting. The 3D also isn't that noticeable but we did find that full screening it and sitting back a little helps.

blue roses - "doubtful comforts" (first 3D camera-shift musicvideo!)

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  • TunaSoda
    "What does 3D without glasses look like, anyway?"
    Go outside and look around!
  • gtvr
    I've seen a lot of music videos that induce headaches and vomiting.
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  • gtvr
    I've seen a lot of music videos that induce headaches and vomiting.
  • sliem
    What the f**k, it made me dizzy.
  • RooD
    Call it Seizure and Throw Up... STU 3D