3DS XL Circle Pad Pro Gets a Release Date for Japan

One of the chief complaints about the 3DS has been its lack of a second analog stick. To solve this issue, Nintendo issued the 3DS Circle Pad Pro, a bulky, not-quite-aesthetically pleasing attachment to the 3DS as an impromptu second stick.

When Nintendo announced the 3DS XL, rumors circulated that the newer version of 3DS would include a second analog stick. However, these rumors proved false when Nintendo unveiled the handheld console at E3 2012.

Instead, Nintendo is going back down the unattractive attachment route with the XL version of the Circle Pad Pro. The company recently announced the XL Circle Pad Pro's release date for Japan as November 15. It's to be priced at around 1,500 yen (~$19). Nintendo hasn't confirmed any release of the XL Circle Pad Pro for any other regions as of yet, but hopefully, the Japanese announcement is a sign for what's to come for North America and Europe.


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  • Pennanen
    What do you need 2nd dpad for?
  • samwelaye
    PennanenWhat do you need 2nd dpad for?

    a few games offer support for a 2nd analog stick such as for controlling camera
  • Cheeba Hawk
    It's a lost cause. It should have been built in with the system. I don't know why Nintendo always makes the same mistakes over and over. They never learn.