ASRock 990FX Extreme9 Mobo Supports AMD FX-9000 CPUs

ASRock has announced that its 990FX Extreme9 motherboard has met the minimum system requirements for AMD’s FX-9000 series CPUs, and it is capable of handling the “overwhelming power and heat” generated by the 5 GHz processors.

To demonstrate this, ASRock put together and benchmarked a test system that included both an AMD FX-8350 and FX-9590 processor, 16 GB of DDR3-1886 RAM, a PowerColor Radeon HD 7990, a Corsair H100 liquid cooler, and a Seasonic 1000W Platinum PSU. The system reached a score of 8.55 on Cinebench R11.5, 18,894 points on PC Mark, and 38,038 on 3DMark Vantage’s performance benchmark.

Further information is available at the source linked above and at the motherboard’s product page.

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  • slomo4sho
    A 1200W PSU is the minimum requirement for a factor overclocked FX-8350? This is just absurd. Did AMD not think this through prior to submitting such absurdities as "minimum requirements?
  • dextermat
    I hope their are good warranties on them. Else, I smell something burning :p
  • silverblue
    What an amusing page. AMD's minimum recommended graphics card for the 9590 is the 7990, despite the fact that Piledriver, even at 5GHz, will still limit it. Their benches do show a decent increase in performance over the 8350 but no indication of how much power is being used. Super PI should never be used without the Stilt's x87 patch, if it's to be used at all.