AT&T Will Explain Your Bill to You With a Personalized Video

Deciphering your phone bill can sometimes be a difficult task. No doubt carriers get tons of phone calls each month wondering what this charge or that charge translates to. AT&T today announced that it's hoping to cut down on confusion with personalized videos that will explain your bill to you every month.

Dubbed Video Bill, the service automatically generates a personalized video that explains your bill line-by-line. The video is emailed directly to you and is available via your myAT&T account online.

AT&T started testing the service out a few weeks ago, opening it up to 'several thousand' wireless customers on Mountain Time. Additionally, the carrier explains that the service is already available for U-verse Voice, TV and Internet customers Now, AT&T says new customers and those that change or upgrade their account will receive these video bills for their first and second month bills.

few weeks ago, we launched this technology to several thousand wireless customers in the Mountain Time Zone. New AT&T customers will receive these video bills for their first and second month bills, as will existing customers who change or upgrade their wireless account.

"While we’re still in the early stages, we already know this industry-first technology will be a big help for our customers," AT&T said, later adding that the response from U-verse customers has been overwhelmingly positive and that the company has already seen a reduction in bill-related phone calls.

Check out the video bill sample below and let us know what you think:

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  • mikenygmail
    Another reason to charge extra...
  • Star72
    Just go to Youtube & search "kicked in the balls", you'll find pretty much the same thing.
  • blurr91
    Please explain why a simple txt msg costs 20 cents to send and 20 cents to receive?
  • sliem
    blurr91Please explain why a simple txt msg costs 20 cents to send and 20 cents to receive?
    It's because we want you to buy $10 text messaging package. For $10/mo you can send and receive 1000 text messages. For $5/mo it's 200.
  • g-unit1111
    Why don't they just simplify the bill instead of taking more time to explain it to us like we're idiots?
  • My bill is easy to understand its the same every month. Lots of morons out there though that need a picture drawn or video shown.
  • revo1ver
    Interesting... "unlimited data for 4g LTE smartphone" and "data unlimited for iphone" How come I'm not offered those services?
  • Benihana
    How come the "greedy bastard" fee isn't itemized on my bill?
  • I pay $43 a month after tax for Unlimited North Americal calling, Unlimited global text, unlimited data, voicemail, caller id... How can someone be spending $100 per phone...
  • memadmax