AVADirect Launches Opteron 6100-Based Servers

Wednesday AVADirect said that it recently added a new line of AMD Opteron 6100 series servers, offering eight- and twelve-core variants. According to the company, it now provides SAS and SATA versions of 1U, 2U and tower-based systems, as well as specialized systems including Image Generators, Data Storage, and Render Farms.

"AMD could not have released a new platform at a better time" said CMO and co-owner of AVADirect, Misha Troshin. "We are in the middle of a title bout between Intel and AMD, and us as System Integrator have the pleasure of watching the match. It truly is the end-user that benefits from these "duels" to see who gets the "winner" title for the highest performing technology, productivity, and best prices."

AVADirect provides various levels of server customization, allowing customers to choose from various enclosures, motherboards, hard drive brands, and more. The cheapest rack AVADirect offers is the 1U Rack Server Supermicro SuperServer 1012G-MTF Opteron SATA Series Server system, asking a starting price of $1324.74. The 2U RACK SERVER Supermicro SuperServer 2042G-6RF Opteron SAS Series Server system is at the other end of the spectrum, asking a starting price of just $3895.35.

To configure and purchase a new AMD Opteron 6100 series server, head here.

  • Marco925
    Geez, if we could have Gaming boards made out of these sockets, it'd be the ultimate gaming power!
  • XD_dued
    Marco925Geez, if we could have Gaming boards made out of these sockets, it'd be the ultimate gaming power!
    if games (or software in general) could use that many threads lol
  • anamaniac
    XD_duedif games (or software in general) could use that many threads lolHave enough CPU cores and you could run the game purely in software mode, no GPU needed. :D
  • antilycus
    it would never happen, bandwidth across the FSB can't handle the crunching power. GPU's are extremely efficient in Floating Point. Much more than a Processor.

    Again, hardware is wayyyy more advanced than software right now. All multithreaded software is a royal headache to create and write.
  • Antilycus: Blame Windows, not the software developers. Multithreading in Windows is unnecessarily difficult, and prone to crashing the application. It's not that it has to be hard, it's just that Microsoft's OS still holds on to garbage code they wrote in the 90s.
  • agnickolov
    Believe it or not, writing multi-threaded code in Windows is not any harder than on Linux. In fact it was easier for a time until the Linux camp finally caught up several years ago on threads - before you had to utilize multiple processes instead. I don't know what your background is, I'm a professional C++ software developer.
    What holds us these days is the kernel since it's still single-threaded. That holds true for both Windows and Linux.