Trine Fantasy Game Announced for PC, PSN

Friday Nobilis and Frozenbyte announced Trine, a fantasy action game coming to the PC and PlayStation Network

Known for the surprise hit PC game Shadowgrounds released back in 2005, Frozenbyte brings physics-based gameplay to the table this time around, moving away from the sci-fi, Doom-inspired theme and venturing into a fantasy world adorned with castles and strange machinery. While still sticking to the action-oriented gameplay mechanics that made Shadowgrounds an exciting romp, Trine will require gamers to create and utilize physics-based objects "to beat hazardous puzzles and threatening enemies."

"Trine is a true testament to Frozenbyte’s new strategy focusing on original IP. We can’t wait to have the game released on the PlayStation Network and PC," said Lauri Hyvarinen, CEO of Frozenbyte, and he continued: "Nobilis has been a great partner to us all these years and we look forward to combining our efforts even more closely to make a great game!"

The plot centers around three heroes bound to a mysterious device called the Trine. While no other details were given, the three heroes - Wizard, Thief and Warrior - are on the typical quest to save the kingdom from evil. However, based on this gameplay video uploaded to YouTube, Trine looks to be a side-scrolling platform game where players can "draw" objects via the wizard’s magic to traverse across spiked pits and other deadly traps. According to the company, the physics are fully interactive and players can switch between the three characters at any time.

But while the game offers interesting gameplay and visuals, it’s questionable whether or not PC gamers will take to the tile when it finally ships; Trine appears more suited for Sony’s PlayStation Network. "This is the first game we publish on the PlayStation Network and we are thrilled to work with Frozenbyte on this very exciting game project!" declares Arnaud Blacher, CEO of Nobilis Group.

Currently the official Trine website offers only the YouTube video and a 1280x720 HD version (WMV 9), however the actual website launch doesn’t take place until next month. Still, with the success of Shadowgrounds and its sequel, Frozenbyte may actually have another hit on its hands.

Look for Trine to hit store shelves and the PlayStation Network in Q2 2009.

  • nekatreven
    I'm on PC and I thnk it looks pretty good!
  • the_one111
    Sorry, but it looks too much like WoW graphics gone bad for me...

    And so far it just sounds like a mario game revisited...

    But i'll save my true buying judgements till i see more of it..

    Oh and nice trolling/idioting/failing demonhorde665...
  • neiroatopelcc
    I quite like the graphics actually. It looks lush and jolly. Not like farcry 2, but that wouldn't work in such a game anyway.
    From what I can tell it's a bit like mix of the lost vikings and some puzzle game. Looks quite interesting actually.

    ps. I've played wow for way too long - and if wow had graphics like this, there'd be no reason to complain about it - but wow doesn't.
  • WheelsOfConfusion
    Looks like a solid concept. Hope it runs on XP.