MSI Offering iOS App for Overclocking GPU

Back in June, MSI launched an Android app that allowed users to safely overclock their MSI graphics card without having to crack open the case. Named after the popular Afterburner overclocking utility, the app installs on any Android-based smartphone and tablet, and connects via Wi-Fi to a PC with the Afterburner software installed. It's currently listed on the Android Market here.

"For enthusiasts who like to monitor the operation of their graphics cards, they can now do so through their mobile phone or tablet, even while playing the FPS games, without having to use a separate display," the company said during Computex 2011. "For extreme overclocking enthusiasts, they can use their mobile phone to monitor frequency, temperature and voltage parameters in real time while their computer is running full-screen testing software. Key parameters can even be adjusted on the fly for specific testing scenarios to make breaking world records in performance even easier."

"You can even connect to your home computer and check how the graphics card is running when you are away, a particularly convenient feature when running scientific computing programs that utilize the GPU such as Folding@Home," MSI added.

On Wednesday MSI launched the Afterburner app for iOS 3.2 and later. As with the Android version, this new Afterburner utility allows iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices to adjust or monitor MSI Afterburner settings on PC over a Wi-Fi connection. In addition to monitoring the temperature, voltage and fan speed, the utility can also be used for overclocking and overvoltaging.

To use MSI's app, enthusiasts will need the following:

1. A Windows XP SP3 (with .NET 2)/Vista/7 system with an MSI-based discrete graphics card and is able to connect to internet/intranet.
2. An iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with Wi-Fi function. (the O/S should be higher v3.2)
3. The system and iOS device can connect to each other over internet or intranet.
4. The RemoteServer utility which can be downloaded separately from MSI.
5. Afterburner 2.1.0 or above installed and running on the PC.

To learn more about MSI's Afterburner software and the compatible graphics cards, head here.

  • subasteve5800
    Did anyone else think this was an app for overclocking the GPU in the iPhone?
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    subasteve5800Did anyone else think this was an app for overclocking the GPU in the iPhone?
    Of course not. It's Apple. The term "GPU" is blasphemy; customer must NOT know about tech side of their device.

    Umm..... wasn't that app around like since ever??? It was included with my MSI 560 Ti, I think... oh no wait, I think that was Asus' app for the mobo control/CPU OC from the phone:)
  • Ultimate LAN weapon? Hack it and use it to burn out anyone playing against you running a MSI card and afterburner. Muhahaha.
  • DSpider
    Overclockers use iOS devices?
  • acerace
    Wow, very cool. Hope they can support other manufacturers also.
  • bobusboy
    This has been out for android for sometime now.

    It works well, but some parts of it are buggy.
  • DjEaZy
    DSpiderOverclockers use iOS devices?... i do! ... the built in calculator... :D
  • aznshinobi
    Hmm... This could come in handy to quickly change fan speeds instead of alt+tab-ing to change it.
  • Sashmo99
    subasteve5800Did anyone else think this was an app for overclocking the GPU in the iPhone?
    Yes, I did. What a let down!

    I mean, cool idea I guess, why not? - but come on!
  • pwnorbpwnd
    Awesome.. now I can overlclock my already overclocked GPU while at work.. -_-