Corsair Adds ''Air Series'' Cooling Fans to Product Line

Corsair's Air Series fans are designed to deliver a balance of airflow and low-noise to users who want to upgrade their PCs for quieter operation or higher performance. All the fans feature an advanced hydraulic bearing system and rubber mounts for low-noise and reliability, and include red, white, and blue color rings to allow users to customize the look of their PC.

The Air Series AF120 and AF140 airflow fans are designed to intake cool air into, and exhaust hot air out of, your PC. They are for mounting on the side, top, and rear of cases. The airflow fans are designed with ultra-thin, custom-molded blades optimized to flow high volumes of air in unrestricted spaces with at least 3 cm of clearance. They are available in a 140 mm Quiet edition and in 120mm Quiet and Performance editions.


The Air Series SP120 fans deliver focused air pressure in situations where air needs to be blown through a restricted space, making them ideal for cooling radiators and heatsinks. They feature seven ultra-wide, custom-molded blades and a custom enclosure that delivers high static pressure, while maintaining a quiet noise profile. It is available in a 120mm size, in both Quiet and High Performance editions.

Edition Description Size (mm) Noise (dBA) Airflow (CFM) RPM Static Pressure (mmH2O)
AF120 Quiet Low noise, Good airflow 120x25 2139.881100N/A
AF120 Performance High airflow 120x25 3063.471650N/A
AF140 Quiet Low noise, High airflow 140x25 2467.81150N/A
SP120 Quiet Low noise, High pressure 120x25 2337.8514501.29
SP120 High Performance High pressure 120x25 3562.7423503.1


The Air Series fans are available at a suggested retail price of $16.99 for AF120/SP120 fans and $18.99 for AF140 fans. For more information on Air Series fans, please visit Corsair's cooling section or Air Series fan blog post.

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