Google Reveals Its Favorite Android Apps of 2012

Google's Play Store has a lot of apps. The company's got everything from music, to puzzles, to photo editing, to calendars and much, much more. Still, with such an abundance of choice, it can be hard to know which apps are good, and which are best left on the digital shelf.

Google recently released a list of the best Android apps of 2012. Unfortunately, the search giant didn't pinpoint any one app as being the most popular application of the year. Instead, the company has compiled a list of 'Best Apps of 2012.' Indeed, Google doesn't mention how it determined the best apps, so we don't know if the list is based on download figures or if it's more of an 'editor's choice' type of compilation.

Still, the collection does offer a varied and interesting look at the kind of apps Google's Play Store has to offer. As well as the more obvious choices like Pinterest, the list includes the likes of Pixlr Express, a relatively new photo editing app, and genealogy app Ancestry. Check the full list below!


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  • halcyon
    I guess I'm just an old IT fart...none of the listed apps appeals to me in the least.
  • mt2e
    Not an organic list for sure, looks like some marketing ploy
  • dwhapham
    Some kind of marketing scheme for sure. Not sure why Tom's would take the time to post this as a news article (unless they are gettnig paid too)
  • fedelm
    Although I agree with the above, cynical, posters. I just have one recommendation:


    Because it kicks-ass. And its fr-ee.

    It changed my web reading experience. Just awesome.

    Pocket an article or website, read it later in offline mode.
  • ojas
    TED is a good choice, not because of the app or anything, simply because TED talks are awesome.
  • sliem
    Check the full list below! = picture
    Should say Click for full list!
    I've barely heard of any of these.
  • Sumukh_Bhagat
    Aww... :(
    Those are stupid working apps

    Where are Games ?
  • Cryio
    I kept seeing this two apps: Pinterest and TED. Even as extensions for browsers. (even top extensions for Opera)

    What are they?