AnyTouch Turns Your Desk into a Microsoft Surface-like Display

Now that Microsoft has unveiled its Surface tablet, the old touchscreen table device is left without a catchy name. Now identified as Microsoft "PixelSense", the Samsung SUR40 is still a highly desirable device that has inspired many creative minds to come up with similar, less costly alternatives. The latest example is the AnyTouch device based on Ayotle’s Ayotle Interactive+ system.

AnyTouch Surface

Although it provides similar functions to Microsoft's Pixelsense, AnyTouch is unique in that it doesn't require an actual touchscreen. As the name suggests, the device can turn any flat surface along with 3D objects into a complex, interactive display. While the AnyTouch setup might not cost as much as a $8400 Samsung SUR40, it does require a handful of expensive equipment including a DSLR camera and the ASUS Xtion motion sensor.

No word on whether or not the AnyTouch code will be opened up to the public for DIY projects just yet, but we're assuming this isn't going to be the last we hear of this awesome surface-top display.


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  • rangas
    kind of interesting where things are going
  • CaedenV
    I love the general idea, but the practical application must be a monumental task.

    The issue is not so much in having cameras see what you are doing (that is relatively easy and has been done by many companies), but in understanding that what you are doing has a very specific meaning which applies something to something else. Either you have a huge library of objects which take on a specific meaning which limits what can be done, or else every time you make a presentation you will have to program new meanings to each and every object used.

    Still, very cool, and a well done application in their video!
  • Anonymous
    A more advanced version of this?