Apple Working on 4.8-inch 'iPhone Math'

Among the speculation surrounding a cheaper iPhone, Apple is rumored to be working on a 4.8-inch iPhone 'Math'. (Likely just a codename.)

According to China Times, the iPhone Math will sport a a 4.8-inch display, accompanied by an 8-megapixel camera. It's apparently scheduled to launch alongside the rumored iPhone 5S in June.

The iPhone 5S, which is said to be available in multiple colors, has previously been showcased in alleged leaked images. The iPhone 6, meanwhile, was recently outed by developer usage logs, with the device said to be running iOS 7.

Apple is also rumored to be working on a cheaper iPhone, despite claims a cheap unit of its flagship device will never come into fruition. It's expected to generate upwards of $6.5 billion in revenue. A former CEO of the firm, meanwhile, has stressed the importance of a cheaper iPhone, especially for consumers based in developing nations.


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  • fuzzion
    walter-labatmy roomate's half-sister makes $68/hour on the laptop. She has been fired from work for nine months but last month her pay was $16617 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Read more on this web site...

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  • blankzr
    funny how there copying their rivals with multiple sizes and multi colors now. I thought steve jobs said the iphone size was perfect and he wouldnt have multi sizes
  • kyuuketsuki
    What the hell kind of code-name is "Math"?
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  • 457undead
  • wardoc22

    "Apple is also rumored to be working on a cheaper iPhone"

    Apple? Cheaper iPhone? Sure lol. How could you put Apple and Cheaper in the same sentence?
  • twelve25
    I thought the cheap iphone 5 was just leftover iphone 4'....