Report: New Version of Apple's AirPlay to Work without Wi-Fi

It's widely-believed that Apple's as-yet-unconfirmed September 12 event is going to bring us a brand new iPhone. However, it seems the company may have something else up its sleeve for us a fortnight from today. According to the latest rumors, the Cupertino-based company is also working on a new iteration of AirPlay.

Announced in 2010 as a progression from Apple's AirTunes technology, AirPlay allows you to stream music and other media files to another device in your house. However, this new version of AirPlay will apparently allow you to do this even if your devices are not on the same WiFi network. The rumor stems from a report in the Telegraph, which cites sources familiar with Apple's plans that say this new tool will be called AirPlay Direct.

According to the Telegraph's sources, while the old version of AirPlay required WiFi and a set of AirPlay speakers, the new version will only require speakers or a high and either your iPod, iPhone or iPad. AirPlay Direct will supposedly be announced alongside the iPhone 5 (or 'the new iPhone' as many believe it will be called) but it's said that 'AirPlay Direct' is not the finalized name for the streaming technology.

Naturally, Apple is refusing to comment. Luckily, we're only 14 days away from finding out for sure. Stay tuned!

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  • superblahman123
    Did they really have to reinvent Bluetooth?....
  • Johmama
    Careful, Apple might have a patent on this technology.


    Well I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to sue themselves over this.
  • teh_chem
    superblahman123Did they really have to reinvent Bluetooth?....I don't think this has anything to do with bluetooth. Airplay is supposed to connect via wifi or ethernet. Also, airplay is supposed to support multiple connections (to separate airplay-compatible systems in your house, for example across multiple rooms)--most bluetooth adapters can't handle this very easily. And bluetooth doesn't have the best range or barrier penetration.

    It sounds like it's just a further push to iCloud, where your content is streamed through apple servers instead of through your local network. So regardless of what network your playback device might be connected to vs. the speakers, you can stream your stuff anywhere. The Airplay-compatible speakers have wifi or ethernet (as far as Apple's own site discusses AirPlay)--My guess is instead of looking for music on the local network, it all goes to and from Apple servers.

    I bet ISPs that charge overages are going to like the sound of this (pun intended).
  • robochump
    JohmamaCareful, Apple might have a patent on this technology.Wait....Well I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to sue themselves over this.
    Keep it up. Apple will patent babies and will eventually use them all for cheap labor. Feed the machine!!! ;)
  • zak_mckraken
    the new version will only require speakers or a high and either your iPod, iPhone or iPad
    Or a high what?
  • teh_chem
    zak_mckrakenOr a high what?
    Probably a high article author.