South Korean Court Delays iPhone, iPad Ban

A South Korea judge has approved Apple's request to have its iPhone and iPad remain on store shelves within the region while the firm's appeal process against an injunction is concluded.

A spokesman for the court said the judge in the Seoul Central District Court decided to keep the iPhone and iPad on sale, but if Apple loses the appeal, it's likely that the products will be banned in South Korea.

The injunction came into effect on Apple's products during August when the court ruled that both Apple and Samsung violated each other's patents. As well as several thousands of dollars in damages, the court ordered both the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 be banned from sale in the country, while a ban was imposed on Samsung's Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

According to Bloomberg's source, Samsung has yet to request an appeal against the sales ban on its products.

Apple and Samsung's court battles, of course, don't stop with the aforementioned court case. The latter was ordered to pay Apple over $1 billion in damages (which Samsung hope to have dismissed), with the conglomerate fighting back with a lawsuit against the iPhone 5.

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  • boyabunda
    iPhone 5 ban = betterment of the community
  • A Bad Day
    Let the draining of consumers' pockets to fund the lawyer armies continue!
  • Meatymutawings
    As well as several thousands of dollars in damages

    that does not sound like a lot at all.
  • zipop
    Iphone so expensive here. Damn AP!
  • reprotected
    People complain about not enough competition, but when we reduce competition that is already losing it's market to competitors, it's all of a sudden good? What happened to the competition is good philosophy?
  • division_9
    I used to hate Apple and favour Samsung. But now that both companies are trying compete via lawsuits instead of actual market competition I just feel ashamed of them both.
  • christarp
    boyabundaiPhone 5 ban = betterment of the community
    yeah cause no competition is a good thing!!
  • what competinion. Its apple they dont want competition. Then want to ban everyone.
  • rohitbaran
    christarpyeah cause no competition is a good thing!!The very existence of apple means competition can't be there. Read about their recent removal of google map app by a dev?
  • halcyon
    Apple is going to lose some relevant support with all this negativity... They make a decent enough product line (that I actually like) but the press sure is making them look bad and at least some of it has to be accurate. I hope they don't have to hurt too much to correct their maligned ways.