Apple Insider: Company Will Attend CES 2010

A source planted firmly within the core of Apple told AppleInsider that the company's presence at CES 2010 is a done deal.

But who exactly is this Apple worm getting the inside scoop? Gollum? Sometimes it's best to stand back and look at the big picture, to determine if inside sources are nothing more than fictional characters created to make shady rumors credible. However, AppleInsider appears rather convinced that Apple will indeed attend the Consumer Electronics Show next year; another source confirms the move as well. Perhaps CES is why the company chose to bail out of Macworld in the first place.

The move towards CES seems like the logical choice: Microsoft's Bill Gates is no longer in the corporate spotlight, and Apple's own Steve Jobs is facing health issues that might pull him out of the limelight as well. This leaves corporate minions on both sides of the desktop to go at each other's throats like wild cats. What better way to face one's greatest adversary than on its own turf? While Apple's decision to pull out of Macworld seemed dismal and somewhat scary, the thought of Apple showcasing Macbooks and iPhones in a booth across from Microsoft's helpings of Zune and Windows Vista products just seems downright hilarious.

"Apple is now more of a consumer electronics company than a computer company, making CES a much better fit than MacWorld," said the super secret Apple insider. Apparently, CES officials already knew Apple's intentions, and that a special section was already set aside for Steve and the Gang even before the 2009 event in Las Vegas began.

And while it seems like an end of an era in regards to Apple leaving Macworld, the company's attempts to "go big" may be somewhat short lived, especially in rough economic times when jobs disappear and consumers have less money to spend on electronics. Trade shows in general have become less extravagant over the years. Perhaps Apple is gently trying to bring Macworld to CES, to consolidate and attack its adversary in one arena rather than from abroad.

But perhaps not. Apple already stated that it bailed out of Macworld because the company does not need trade shows to get its message to consumers. As stated in a recent press release, Apple stores introduce more people to Apple products in a week than 100 Macworld trade shows. Apparently, these shows aren't worth the time, the money and the enormous amount of effort and resources.

Who knows what Apple plans to do next? The company could go in either direction, however consumers may be disappointed if Apple decides to pull out of expositions altogether.

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  • Tekkamanraiden
    I find it amusing that all the software and video game companies started at CES, left, and now are all coming back.