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Tom's Guide: 12 Alternatives to Apple Maps

It's not secret that the launch of Apple's own-brand mapping application hasn't exactly been smooth. Apple Maps has been marred with bugs and inaccuracies, and even Tim Cook recognizes that you might want to use something else while Apple works to iron out the creases. But what to use? Up until now, iPhone users have had Google Maps out of the box. Now that Apple Maps is less than satisfactory and a Google Maps for iOS 6 app doesn't yet exist, what are your options? Hit up Tom's Guide's '12 Alternatives to Apple Maps' and find out!

With image memes and screencaps lambasting Apple Maps spreading like wildfire, Apple's foray into the navigation apps market has been both a PR nightmare and a source of much amusement to netizens. We've even joined in the fun, highlighting a few visual glitches that tickled our funny bones in this story. In light of the torrent bad reviews and complaints, Apple's CEO Tim Cook issued a public apology for Apple Maps, promising to improve its quality and taking the unprecedented step of recommending products for iPhone owners to use in the mean time. These included Bing, Waze, and Mapquest. Just how good are these Apple Maps alternatives, and what other options are out there?12 Alternatives to Apple Maps

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