Apple Was Aware Maps Sucked Before Launch

Apple was apparently aware of the problems with its maps application before its launch via the introduction of iOS 6, but still decided to release the app to iDevice users.

Numerous developers told Apple during June, the month the first developer beta of iOS 6 was released, that its new maps app had several problems. Speaking with CNET under the condition of anonymity, six developers said they gave warnings to the firm stressing the mapping solution wasn't delivering the best possible experience.

"During the beta period I filed bug reports with Apple's Radar system (notorious for being ignored), posted on the forums several times, and e-mailed multiple people within Apple's MapKit team to voice our concerns," one developer said.

"I posted at least one doomsayer rant after each (developer) beta, and I wasn’t alone," another developer stated. "The mood amongst the developers seemed to be that the maps were so shockingly bad that reporting individual problems was futile. What was needed wasn't so much an interface for reporting a single point as incorrect, but for selecting an entire region and saying 'all of this — it's wrong.'"

Apple ignoring the concerns from developers and releasing its shoddy app without implementing any worthwhile improvements definitely backfired. The firm experienced a high level of criticism from iDevice owners, which eventually led to Apple CEO Tim Cook issuing an open letter apologizing for the app's flaws. They've since been on the lookout for ex-Google developers to aid them in fixing the maps app, which has shown slight signs of improvement.

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  • wemakeourfuture
    Would be impossible for the QA department to come up with any other conclusion :P
  • dribblesbarbax
    Those bastards. I could've driven off a cliff. Or into a lake. Or all over the footpath mowing down pedestrians. Such evil bastards.
  • nieur
    it makes me wonder what apple does with all the money sitting around ? why don't they use to attract talented employees?(No pun intended)
  • meluvcookies
    The company is now facilitating its own demise in attempt to join Steve Jobs in the afterlife.
  • rad666
    They probably assumed the QA team was holding it wrong.
  • Pennanen
    "apple was aware its products suck before launch"

    Fixed the title for toms.

    Generic apple hater thumbs up please.
  • wannabepro
    And iSheep still use iDevices..
  • del35
    I could've driven off a cliff. Or into a lake. Or all over the footpath mowing down pedestrians.

    Ummm, owning any Apple product is like driving off the cliff of technology. Apple is about jailing, restriction, stealing, hoodwinking. Thanks but no thanks iCrap. Fortunately for Apple there are a lot of existentially challenged morons out there that need the Apple logo to give them a sense to "tech-cool".
    If they only knew what "tech-cool" people think of iZombies.
  • morstern
    With the degree to wish it sucked I think it is a given they new it was bad. I gather a bit of self-delusion made them believe they could push it out as is and update throught the crap release until it was good enough.
  • audi911
    Apple without Jobs is like a boat with a hole in it.