Apple Believes It Invented Wireless Charging, Patents Idea

Apple has began the process in patenting wireless charging, with the firm claiming its magnetic resonance technology is new and its take on the concept itself is industry-leading.

Apple's application for the patent, numbered 20120303980, refers to the ability to charge a device over the air at a distance of up to a meter, as opposed to requiring close proximity.

However, the Alliance For Wireless Power also boasts long-range charging capabilities. The alliance includes members such as Qualcomm and Samsung, who believes distance charging is its unique selling point.

Apple's patent application was filed in November 2010, which was before the alliance was formed. That said, tech startup WiPower applied for its patent on the concept of wireless charging back in 2008; WiPower has since been acquired by Qualcomm.

Several devices already boast wireless charging capabilities including Google's recently released Nexus 4 smartphone and Nokia's Lumia 920. Wireless charging in general is expected to go mainstream soon.

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  • tacobravo
    It seems like Apple wants to patent everything and anything it can, even if its not their original idea (like most of them)
  • xpeh
    Just what we need. Apple with another patent
  • karthusx
    Apple: Innovator
    Well done!
  • geraldfryjr
    Electric Tooth Brush's where among the First to sport wireless charging !!!!

    It is not a knew concept as all !!!

    jer :)
  • daglesj
    Can we mention the Palm Pre/2 as well.
  • mousseng
    And Tesla powered street lights wirelessly 119 years earlier. Glad to see the field's taken off so quickly!
  • heero yuy
    i thought nikola tesla had a long distance energy transer thingy
  • mrmaia
    Here we go. Patents with Apple are as harmful as powder with fire.
  • bllue
    This is bad for everyone
  • house70
    The only thing more pathetic than this is the fact that they'll actually be granted this patent in the US.

    Even Zak sounds incredulous in the title.