Four Retro Consoles Torn Apart and Photographed

Things have changed a lot since the days of Atari and Famicom, haven't they? Among the changes is the fact that there exists a website that will dismantle any gadget the team gets its hands on. Over the last few days iFixit has been tearing apart old consoles, including the Atari 2600, the Nintendo Famicom, the RCA Studio II, and the Magnavox Odyssey 100.

Check out the pictures of these retro gadgets with all their bits hanging out. Click through to iFixit if you want to learn more about how they went about it.

Atari 2600

Nintendo Famicom

RCA Studio II

Magnavox Odyssey 100

  • pangedit
    How fast technology is advancing, I love it. My keyboard has more stuff in it than all of those combined LOL.
  • matt87_50
    wow, that electronics is so retro! perhaps even more than the bodies!
  • False_Dmitry_II
    Compare what those look like to the bulldozer die shot.

    So much more simple...
  • scook9
    That stuff is simpler than some of the undergrad senior design projects I saw this
  • The simpler, the better. My Atari 2600 still working properly; while my brand new xbox360...
  • stingstang
    Wait wait wait I'm disappointed. When you say 'torn apart' I want to see these TORN APART(and burned)
    Well maybe not. Old things need love, too. Look at grandparents. I still have my playstation and SNES and Sega somewhere..
  • jerreece
    OMG - Breakthrough, our new process allows us to put 1,000 transistors onto a single die!!!!
  • rambo117
    PSHYA!! And those could even play cr.... I mean uh, tetris..
  • hundredislandsboy
    Amazing. Now you can take all the "CPUs" from these consoles, combine their processing power and AMD can put it on a die the size of the period at teh end of this sentence.
  • demonhorde665
    I hope they didn't damage these things taking them a part, one day those old consoles will be real hot antique commodities if they still work.

    that said , my old atari 2600 burned up eyars ago in ahouse fire, never founda replacment, my old NES finnaly got the "slot fatique" syndrome so now it goes nutso after 5 minutes of play. my SNES still works but the rca video out on it broke (the coaxial still good though) the ssytem over all stil work great, my nintedo 64 stil works good but i only have two games for it right now, my dream cast got fried in a really bad power storm (it wasnt even turned on at the time just had it plugged in), my original xbox disk drive failed , so far my 360 still works great but well... LOL i'm more of apc gamer these days ,ahven'treally played my 360 much at all lately. doesn't help i don't have an lcd tv so even on component caples my old wide screen CRT tv only gets to 480p.