Intel to Show Off Next-gen Atom at IDF in April

Intel is going to be introducing something new at IDF Beijing next month. Kicking off on April 12, UMPC Portal reports that one of the sessions promises to afford attendees first looks at the next-gen Atom platform.

According to the IDF session catalog, the session, dubbed "Designing a New Generation of Netbooks with the Intel Atom Processor Based Platform" will will cover the following topics:

• Platform capabilities enabled by Intel® WiFi solutions that deliver new netbook usage models
• Features and benefits overview of the next generation Intel Atom processor based platform
• Thermal solutions for cool and quiet fanless netbook designs
• Exciting demonstrations

Other than that, details are thin on the ground. However, there are several other Atom-related sessions scheduled to take place at IDF next month. These are: "The Intel Atom Processor Based Platform Advantage," "Designing Affordable Solutions for Entry-Level Desktops with the Intel Atom Processor," "Developing Intel Atom Processor Based Tablets," "Optimizing Touch Experience on Intel Atom Processor Based Platforms," "Intel Atom Processor Power Optimization Guide," and finally, "Hands-on Lab: Embedded Application Graphic and Video Performance with the Intel Atom Processor E6XX Platform."

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  • Yuka
    "Designing a New Generation of Netbooks with the Intel Atom Processor Based Platform"

    That new design means: No Flash, No 3D rendering and crappy CPU capabilities.

    Unless they pack it in like 12W (the full system) it's gonna suck.

  • Anonymous
    So, a waste of money and development efforts. They already have great architectures that could be scaled down while maintaining a good IPC. Just take I5, drop some cache and make things as leak proof as possible. A "i5" type arch with hyperthreading even at 800mhz would eat any current Atom for lunch. Hell, my old 1.7ghz P4 would knock the Atoms at any kind of intensive single threaded tasks like Flash acceleration.....
  • buckiller
    Anand Chandrasekher Senior VP and General Manager of the Ultra Mobility Group just left the company. Perhaps because of Intel's lack of win in the market?