Blizzard: WarCraft 4 Years Away

Blizzard's J. Allen Brack recently chatted with AusGamers about the 5th birthday of World of Warcraft, and the overall Warcraft franchise spanning a whopping fifteen years. The interview talks about launching the crazy-popular MMORPG and the frantic pace Blizzard had to endure in expanding the then-available limited resources.

But somewhere towards the middle of the interview, AusGamers touches on the possibility of a Warcraft 4. Although the MMORPG is doing extremely well, the site theorizes that many "RTS junkies" won't be satisfied until a fourth installment is published and installed on the PC.

Could a fourth game be announced during the franchise's fifteenth anniversary? That's a big negative according to Brack. In fact, the team that worked on Warcraft 3 is currently working on StarCraft 2. With that said, his answer should be rather obvious.

"Warcraft 4 is certainly something that gets talked about on a pretty regular basis," he said. "While I think we're all excited about a Warcraft 4, in concept, they're going to finish up StarCraft 2, and then they're going to work on the two StarCraft expansions that we've announced, so they're booked for the next few years."

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  • fogartini
    Dont hold your breath
  • commandersozo
    I won't bother checking back for another decade.
  • FlayerSlayer
    Given how long it's taking for StarCraft 2 to come out, and given how Diablo III just got pushed back to 2011, and given how EVERYTHING Blizzard does takes twice as long as expected, they may announce WC4 in 2013 and actually release it for sale in 2017. No wait, Q1 2018. Oops, beta starts in Q3 2018. My bad, I meant first half of 2019. In time for the holidays in 2019?
  • codeman03xx
    best bet would be to sell starcraft to some company that will actually make it a good enjoyable game, and not rip people off. Blizzard concentrate on War 4.
  • zachary k
    December 22 2012, starcraft 2s release date. will they release it then? no, their hope is the world is destroyed so they wont have to say "its been like, 8 years and we got nothing". they have adopted a smiler plan for war4 and D3.
  • Onyx2291
    I find it hard to believe for there to be a Warcraft 4. Too many open ended things happened during WoW. A lot of evil things are going to be dead. Guess a whole new arc of evil will happen if it ever does get released.
  • doomtomb
    Blizzard: WarCraft 4 Decades Away
  • Honis
    Don't worry guys, it will have all the fun features you've come to love Blizzard games for! You know, the features they stripped out of Diablo and Starcraft!
  • Blessedman
    Yes I would love to see an entirely new arc to the warcraft story line.
  • anamaniac
    So... many... years... away...

    I'll have a kid and he'll be my age before it's released.
    WC3 is still a lot fo fun though (if you can ignore the insane amounts of DoTA played).