What It Takes To Beat The Speed Of An 8-core Mac Pro By 50%


You may not have heard about this small manufacturer of VFX workstations, but there is a good chance that you saw a movie or a TV show with special effects done on one of these machines.

BoxxX is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year and in order to celebrate the occasion, the company assembled an ultimate visual effects machine based on Intel’s Skulltrail platform and Core 2 Extreme processors. To create a Special Edition of its 3DBOXX machine (8400se), the Boxx guys turned to Asetek for a new cooling system and posted a new world record score on SPEC.org for a dual-processor workstation as a result. No doubts, this overclocked workstation is a dream for any enthusiast with really, really deep pockets.

The $7700 base configuration includes 4 GB of memory, a Quadro FX1700 graphics card, an 80 GB hard drive and a DVD burner. Add 12 GB of memory, three 1 TB hard drives and a high-end Nvidia graphics card and you end up with about twice that (display not included).

This machine is 49.4% faster than latest Mac Pro system in Cinebench 10 and 37.7% faster in After Effects.

Boxx will be giving away one these machines Siggraph 2008. So, if you want to get your chance and win this system head over to the conference and participate in Boxx’ "Back In Time" contest.

  • Shadow of Dawn
    Thats Ridiculously expensive
  • 37-49% faster (at best) for 275% more money
  • o-ooo-o
    Shadow of DawnThats Ridiculously expensiveApple Pro with 4Gb, 2 Quad cores, 2 500Mb HD, 1 Quadro FX5600:

  • jimmysmitty
    Yea put in some rediculously priced parts and thats what it will cost. You could do the same as a MAC for less. And for the price of a $8K MAC you can make one that can kill it as well.