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Ben Heck Crams Three Consoles Into One Chassis

Master Modder Ben Heckendorn has performed some amazing feats transforming your typical gaming consoles into incredible new form factors like the Xbox 360 Laptop, the Nintendo Wii laptop, the portable Xbox 360 and more. Now he spends three episodes of The Ben Heck Show cramming three consoles into an all-in-one gaming machine. Fun times.

Rather than wait for the new consoles to arrive this holiday season, Heckendorn is combining the current-gen Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Slim (Uncharted 3 bundle at that!), and Nintendo's Wii U console. His plan of attack consists of three stages: (1) take apart and analyze the three consoles, (2) modify for the new configuration, and (3) build a cool new enclosure.

"I haven't taken apart the PS3 or the new Wii U yet, so it's all Greek to me," he admits. He goes on to spend the entire first episode taking each console apart, moving from the top-loading PlayStation 3 to the Wii U to the Xbox 360.

Details regarding the following two episodes are unknown, but the resulting form factor looks to be encased in a wooden box and called the "Ultimate Combo System". Due to the new PlayStation 3's top-loading tray, it resides at the top, sitting above the Wii U which is mounted in the middle and the Xbox 360 residing at the bottom.

It will be interesting to see how he combines the three into one enclosure while keeping everything cool. A setup like this undoubtedly frees up shelf space for gamers with more than one console (cough) not to mention cut down on all the cables.

The first episode of Ben Heck's epic all-in-one console journey can be seen right here.

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