Apple Files for Patent on Smart Bicycle System

Apple's already dabbled in the fitness business through a partnership with Nike. Nike+ is hugely popular among runners, but what about those who are more partial to cycling? Well, Apple could have something for you too.

A patent published today, first noticed by Patently Apple, describes iPod and iPhone integration with a type of multi-feature bicycle computer. Dubbed the Smart Bicycle System, the concept is for both individuals as well as teams of cyclists who wish to communicate course difficulty or certain problems to the rest of the their group.

Patently Apple says the patent is extremely complex and contains tons of little details that hardcore cyclists will really appreciate. The system utilizes sensors built into the iPhone/iPod and the bike to measure speed, distance, time, altitude, elevation, incline and decline, heart rate, power, derailleur setting, cadence, wind speed, path completed, expected future path and pace.

So, is this a product you'd like to see make it to the production line or would you prefer it be relegated to the darkest, dustiest corner of Apple's large patent portfolio?

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  • randomizer
    If you touch both handles you lose reception traction.
  • scione
    ... What if you ride the bicycle wrong?
  • Stryter
    scione... What if you ride the bicycle wrong?

    They'll tell you to go buy their training wheels. If it is a widespread issue, they may start giving them away for free, though it's very possible they could run into problems manufacturing enough training wheels for everyone who's having an issue riding the bike.
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  • m0r7if3r
  • scione
    ... What if you ride the bicycle wrong?
  • marcellis22
    All of these "factors" already exist as products currently on the market... Using an i Phone to do the same thing is not patentable..