POTW: Bill Gates Gets His Freak On at Sundance

Guestofaguest reports that Bill Gates was at the Sundance Film Festival to see the documentary "Waiting For Superman" and to throw a big Bing.com after party. As you can see from the pictures below, Bill had himself a great time, even if his moves do look a little awkward.

Bill actually appears briefly in the movie he went to see, so it makes sense that he attended the festival. However, you have to wonder, in a room full of probably drunk people dancing with Bill Gates, where the heck are the YouTube videos? Until someone makes good, we'll have to make do with these shots.

Captions anyone?

*Images from the Daily Truffle

  • JasonAkkerman
    Shake your grove thang, Shake your grove thang! YEA! YEA!
  • grillz9909
    Where's Jerry?
  • redux fountain
    "windows 7 on the house!"
  • 4ILY45
    1st pic: Wow! I can't believe that i lastest that long..
  • falchard
    Being the 2nd richest man in the world has the perk of anything you do instantly being popular. His clothes that look like they are from Walmart are very cool. The haircut that looks like you did himself makes him incredibly sexy. Those moves are like they were coreographed.
  • TheDuke
    we all knew Bill was a heartthrob. where do you think all of those viruses came from?
  • RooD
  • dman3k
    "I was told the Firefox Girl would be at this party."
  • climber
    those women he's dancing with are a little young for him... It would be like sticking a Core i7 in a 486 chassis or a 486 DX2 66 in a X58 mobo... either way.... plug or socket... lol
  • Bert R

    Bill Gates spots his new friend!

    Playing hard to get, are we?