BioWare Wants More Sex in Games

Does BioWare want to see more sex in games? Perhaps not the company as a whole, however Dragon Age Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw expressed his need for more virtual skin trades in a short interview with Destructoid. Basically, he was asked if sex will ever be acceptable in videogames, and if the mainstream media will stop whining over the idea. The question stems from "erotic chicanery" found in the upcoming game Dragon Age as well as the sex scandal surrounding Mass Effect.

"Well I think what we're seeing is an evolution of the age of gamer, the mainstream kind of impact that games are having, and we're still battling the last of the perception that games are for kids," he said. "So if games are for kids and sex is not for kids, why is sex in games? To my mind, the hurdle to cross is to say, 'You know, games are not for kids.' I'm not a kid, I probably burn a good three hours a night playing games, married, comfortably happy, definitely not a child."

He hopes that "news anchors," those that are actually gamers, will eventually step in and sweep away the current prejudices by getting the mainstream media to understand that there are adult games just like there are rated-R movies. Until the media understands that gaming now has a wide ranging spectrum rather than the narrow focus of the early years, there will be "hissy fits" in regards to gaming violence and sex. However, despite the scandals and complaints, the industry will keep evolving, possibly bringing more adult-oriented situations.

"Will we see more of [sex in games]? I hope so, I really do," he admits. "I mean, it's not a mandatory part of any experience, but is it something we should shy away from? I don't think so, it's part of the human experience, so why not? Does a game have to be about sex? No. Can it be in there? Sure. Why not?"

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  • logan88
  • trevorblain
    Honestly, when it comes to toon-teats presented in high-rez gaming envirnment, I can take it or leave it. I agree with his point about games not being just for kids anymore, but I don't foresee that shift in mentality happening any time soon. If anything, there seems to be a continuing shift TOWARDS a nanny state that will prohibit this sort of thing. People don't want to take the responsibility of educating themselves and subsequently filtering the games and content their kids are exposed to. They would rather have lawyers and courts decide it for them by making it unavailable to everyone, or making it so I might have to go to some smut shop to purchase it (nevermind that I can still walk into a bestbuy and purchase a DVD rife with nudity, profanity, gore and violence not but three aisles over from the video game section).

    News flash to all you parents: a wise man said a couple centuries ago that a people willing to trade liberty for safety deserve neither. And that includes the "safety" of your kids from hearing or seeing something you don't like. You as parents should protect them, and leave the rest of us alone to hear the fould language and watch the toon-teats.
  • tenor77
    I'm a parent. My kids want to play the games I play. I tell them no. Plain and simple.
    Be the parent, pay attention to what your kids are doing, watching and playing. It doesn't matter if it's sex or violence.

    BTW totally agree with this guy.
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  • logan88
  • ssalim
    Game needs all, action romance drama and of course... sex if it's rated M or PG18

    Of course, not hardcode or even softcode -- it's just have to be there.
  • bustapr
    RPGs are supposed to have a bit of everything because its about your choices. Romance is a must have in every good rpg these days, and everyone deserves a little m0ore liberty when playing a game about choices.