BlackBerry's New Z10 Smartphone to Hit UK First

Today, BlackBerry (formerly known as Research in Motion or RIM) announced two new additions to its portfolio of smartphones. The Z10 and Q10 are the first to ship with BlackBerry's new BlackBerry 10 OS installed. Speaking today at a press event in New York City, CEO Thorsten Heins revealed that the Z10, which is launching first, would come to major US carriers sometime in March. Canadians will get the device much earlier, with Canadian carriers selling the phone from next Tuesday, February 5. However, it seems folks in the United Kingdom will be the first to get their hands on BB10.

That's right, despite BlackBerry being a Canadian company, the Z10 will hit UK shelves tomorrow. Both O2 and EE (formerly known as Everything Everywhere) will be carrying the BB10 phone. Obviously, pricing will vary depending on the plan you choose, but EE is offering a range of 4GEE price plans and the phone for just £49.99. That price is based on a £41 per month, two year package. Users on that plan get 1GB of mobile data, as well as unlimited UK calls and texts. O2 is offering the phone for free on a £36 per month contract for the first two weeks.

According to Pocket-lint, both Vodafone and 3UK will also be selling the Z10, but they weren't mentioned by name during today's press conference and neither have released details on pricing and plans.

If you missed it earlier, be sure to check out our live blog from today's event!

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  • halcyon
    I hope Blackberry does well with these but I'd not choose a Z10 over an S3 or S4... or Note 2 or Note 3.
  • yobobjm
    I feel like blackberry needs to adopt android or windows phone or something. With their new phones and such they are essentially betting the future of their company on an OS that is one of the smallest, has the fewest apps, and has no reputation at all, which to me does not sound economically viable. Just my two cents.
  • Steelseries
    I'm glad they took their time with the software, but my expectations are still low

    Prove me wrong!!!
  • d_kuhn
    Well apparently the advertising blitz is on... 5 articles on's front page. I think they've got an uphill battle, but more competition is always better for consumers so I wish them luck.
  • capt_taco
    Sorry Blackberry, but the choice is switch to Android or die. An OS survives when it has a critical mass of apps that people want, and you don't have that anymore. Nobody's making apps for your OS anymore either. You can either be like Nokia or go straight out of business.
  • classzero
    I am developing for BB10 right now, Android people will not pay for anything anyways.
  • magic_28
    I am wondering how the following will affect me purchasing a BB:-

    You need a blackberry ID before you can use their device. However, you have to agree to the EULA with the following before you can get the blackberry ID:

    "4. Your Submission Of Content.

    ......With respect to any of Your Content that you make available for inclusion on publicly accessible web sites or other publicly accessible aspects of the BlackBerry ID Accessible Services, You grant RIM a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, royalty-free and non-exclusive license to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, publicly perform, and publicly display Your Content as is reasonable in connection with the provision and management of any BlackBerry ID Accessible Services."