Blizzard: No Plans for Updated F2P Features in WoW

With SOE's DC Universe going free to play last year, Everquest going free to play earlier this year and Bioware's Star Wars: The Old Republic quickly following suit, it seems like Blizzard's World of Warcraft is part of a dying trend. Despite an increasingly large number of MMORPGs going free to play, it seems like Blizzard isn't quite ready to give up on its subscription model.

In an interview with ComputerandVideoGames, Blizzard's lead game producer John Lagrave said World of Warcraft won't be going free beyond level 20 anytime soon. "You know, we looked at it lots, we looked at whether Level 20 would give you a good sense of what our game is, and we think it does. There's also a lot of things in the game that are special that we want to reserve for our paying customers."

Even though there's an expansion on the horizon upping the level cap to 90, Lagrave says Blizzard won't be offering any new perks to its Free-till-level 20 trial. With a rapidly decreasing player base, some may question the reasoning behind the move, but everything may change once Blizzard releases its highly secretive "Titan" project.

To read the whole interview, head on over to the CVG article here.


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  • zomow
    WoW sucks... but I've never played so what do I know.
  • idroid
    zomowWoW sucks... but I've never played so what do I know.

    You're right, it's such a nerdish game (just like any other RPG game)
  • knightmike
    I haven't found a good F2P model yet. My brothers and I are currently playing LOTRO. It's scary because you can actually end up spending twice as much as you need to if you don't purchase things in the proper order. e.g. You decide to pay to have your gold cap removed. A couple of days later you decide to become a VIP member which you discover also removes the gold cap.

    I plan to try Star Wars and Planetside 2 soon. Although I don't think those will be any better. I'd rather pay a subscription for a game so I don't have to do hours of research for micro-transactions. I think a subscription should give you full access to the game including "expansions". EQ really turned me off to the subscription model plus having to buy expansions. I will give Blizzard credit. They have been fairly modest with their expansion releases.