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Firefox, Safari, Chrome Gain; IE Continues to Fall

When Google’s Chrome first launched it made a huge splash. In the first couple of days, early adopters shifted from Internet Explorer and Firefox to check out the latest browser to hit the market.

Are other browser options more attractive than IE?

That said, once the first week was over, the figures settled down. Those who wanted to stick with Chrome did and those who were just trying out the browser to see what Google had come up with had migrated back to either Firefox or IE.

When numbers were first released after the first week of launch, reports suggested that Internet Explorer was hit the worst. Nearly all of the users switching to Chrome were migrating from IE. CNet today reports that IE has lost even more ground in the browser war with Firefox, Safari and Chrome gaining fast.

According to CNet, IE’s market share has dropped for the seventh consecutive month and the browser saw a 1 percent drop in both October and November. Internet Explorer now has 67.55 percent of the global browser market share while Firefox accounts for 21.53 percent of the market. Apple's Safari claims 8.29 percent, up a significant percentage and likely correlated to the growth in Mac sales. Chrome has just 1.12 percent but still beats out Opera which clocks in at 0.7 percent.

For the full story check out CNet. Which is your browser of choice and why?

  • jrabbitb
    i'm sticking with firefox from loyalty to their awesomeness thus far. chrome could get me if they hit the news with something interesting enough to try again.
  • arges86
    firefox has the best user support base, and amount of 3rd party add ons
    Somethings that will be hard to top by the other browsers
  • StupidRabbit
    what?? my beloved opera has only 0.7%?? such a great browser that was one of the first browsers to use tabs and came up with so many features like the "speed-dial" screen and, my favorite, "duplicate tab" that duplicates the tab with the whole history, is on the bottom... ofcourse they messed up with the new skin, but they have an option to turn it to the old one. i hope opera 10 will be more popular.
  • Spikke
    Opera is still the best.
  • neodawg
    I wind up using IE, FF, and Chrome....granted Chrome needs some fine tuning but i like it, FF is a good safe browser, but its terribly slow at opening and page loading, IE is normally what I click by default just because of the almost guaranteed compatablity of it.

    I like the picture in the article ;)
  • JMcEntegart
    @neodawg: Figured you guys might.
  • Spikke
    I'm slowly being persuaded to switch back to IE, Microsoft's marketing team are geniuses. If only they had thought to put Vista on that shirt, they wouldn't have to come out with 7 so soon.
  • runmymouth
    I only use FF and IE. Some things still only work in IE. Safari crashes on my iphone every 5 minutes and chrome is still too new to be a serious web browser for me.
  • zak_mckraken
    From what I'm seeing here, IE is still attractive. very attractive...
  • waikano
    FireFox mostly on my PC and Safari on my Mac, but I use IE for testing our App and have IE Tabs for Firefox on my PC for stuff that doesn't like the Moz Engine.