Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass Dance-off: Robotic Gangnam Style

It's the CES, of course there are dancing robots.

This year, the second-generation Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass is back on stage in Las Vegas with its twin. It's robot versus robot as the two try to out-dance each other to Psy's "Gangnam Style" and LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It".

Though these shiny machines can move to any music, they don't usually perform in tandem with each other, so Tosy turned to Dancing with the Stars choreographer Derek Hough to create their dance battle for CES 2013. Hough used the new TuneRobo Software that is included with the mRobo Ultra Bass to create the dances that they perform on stage. After all, he has already created moves that are preloaded onto every mRobo Ultra Bass. (Customers can also upload their choreography to the Tosy Cloud Online Store to share with other mRobo owners.) Hough was so impressed by the agility of these new mRobo Ultra Basses that he even made an impromptu appearance at the Tosy booth to see them in action.

It's hard to believe the mRobo Ultra Bass is actually a 2GB MP3 player with a built-in speaker at its core, and only unfolds into a dancing robot at the sound of music. For $200, the Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass packs a whole lot of sophisticated robotics into a deceptively simple package.

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  • dark_knight33
    That's not really what I remember seeing in that music video...
  • everlast66
    That should be Gangham Style SKYNET EDITION
  • xaephod
    You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile...
  • robochump
    Ehhh, sucks we are still so far away from real robots. I knew the thing wouldn't hop around but basically slide around. One day, one day.....