Kano Planning Star Wars-Themed Coding Kits

(Image credit: Kano)

Kano already makes the best educational PC for kids in its Computer Kit Touch, and now the UK-based company is going to combine its unique brand of tech learning with a galaxy far, far away. Today, Kano announced a partnership with Disney that will allow it to bring Star Wars-themed products to market. 

Details were scarce at press time, but Kano said that it plans to come out with a Star Wars-styled product system in the second half of 2019. The licensing agreement goes for two years and is specifically with Disney's Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products group. There's no word about whether theme parks will be involved.

"Collaborating with Disney is a blessing," Kano CEO Alex Klein said in a statement. "We can combine connected, creative technologies with some of the most memorable stories ever told."

This past fall, Kano launched its Harry Potter Coding Kit, a Potter-themed set that features a Bluetooth-enabled wand, which teaches kids about programming. Using the kit, you can write programs that let you virtually levitate a feather, create jelly beans and perform other Harry Potter spells.

We reviewed Kano's Computer Kit Touch last year and gave it an Editor's Choice because it offers a truly unique and compelling learning experience for kids. My six-year-old son learned a fair amount about how computers work, how to program and even about Linux by putting together and taking apart the Raspberry Pi-powered PC.

In addition to its Computer Kit and Harry Potter Coding Kit, Kano offers a Motion Sensor Kit and Pixel Kit, a programmable LED light box. All of these products use Kano World, the company's code repository and learning tool, to help kids share their apps with others and learn more about code.

Avram Piltch
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