CMO's Quad Full High Def Display

If Full HD is not enough for you (and there’s always those who want more) Chi Mei Optoelectronics showed us a rather nice alternative.

Brace yourselves for the Chi Mei’s new, ready for mass production, 56" Quad FHD panel.

The picture was definitely impressive, even if you could notice that the video was a Full HD one upscaled to a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels.

To play a quad Full HD, you’re going to need a special player. In this case, to show off the panel, Chi Mei used a 4K HDD player provided by the Japanese company, Keisoku Giken.

Chi Mei claims that this V562D1 panel has a contrast ratio of 1200:1 and a more than decent response time of 6.5 ms. The electrical interface enables two dual DVI and four single DVI inputs and an eight channel LVDS.

So, who would buy something like this? One of the main problems with televisions or displays like this is that a lot of the time, they cost a small fortune. However, Chen Li Yi, director of CMO’s LCD TV business division doesn’t seem to be so concerned about shifting the units. In an interview a while back Chen said that no matter how expensive, there’s always going to be the people who are willing to fork out top dollar for a telly:

"Some people want such a TV no matter what the price."


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  • sacre
    This is stupid. The price of the players would be rediculous for the fact at a resolution like that you would need a player that can transfer 40+mbps. If not more.
  • Anonymous
    nothing outputs that resolution anyways...
  • lancelot123
    USB 3.0 sure wouldn't have a problem with the bandwidth.