TRENDnet Expands Cloud Camera Line, Intros Nano Extender

Networking expert TRENDnet released two new products Tuesday night: the TV-IP762IC, which is a Wireless HD Day / Night Cloud Camera, and the TEW-713RE, which is a Wireless N network extender that plugs directly into an electrical outlet. The first device will be available this fall for $149 whereas the network extender will be available May 20 for $44.99.

For starters, TRENDnet says its new cloud camera takes the work out of viewing security video over the Internet. It installs on a wireless network in less than five minutes, and allows the user to access the device from any Internet connection thanks to a web-based interface via TRENDnet Cloud. Free apps for iOS and Android even allow the user to stream live video to their smartphone or tablet.

According to the company, this model expands on the company's line of cloud cameras by offering an expanded viewing field and 720p HD image clarity. Additional features include the ability to view up to 16 feet in complete darkness, set up motion detection recording and email alerts, hear sounds from the camera's environment, and record video to a microSD card. Complimentary pro-grade software to manage up to 32 TRENDnet cameras is also included.

"The TV-IP762IC offers an expanded viewing field and 720p HD image clarity," stated Zak Wood, director of global marketing. "Free apps and free pro-grade management software provide compelling value."

As for the upcoming Nano Wireless Extender, this device is great for expanding your Wireless N network into portions of the house or office that were previously out-of-reach. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet where there are still two bars of connectivity to the network router, and press a button. The TEW-713RE automatically adopts the router's wireless network name, encryption, and password. Device owners then connect to the extender instead of trying to access the out-of-reach router.

According to the specs, the compact "nano" extender features an Ethernet port for a wired connection to the Internet. It also measures 3.2 x 2.0 x 1.95 inches with the plug intact, and weighs a mere 2.8 ounces. There are LED indicators to give a visual status of the device (green, orange, red), a power switch, a reset button for restoring it to factory settings, and a WPS button.

"The TEW-713RE is small, affordable, and offers solid performance," stated Sonny Su, technology director for TRENDnet. "It's also easy for the average user to install."

For more information on how TRENDnet Cloud Cameras work, the free apps, and how to install one on your network, head here. A video tour of the new wireless extender can be seen here.