Computer Waste Sought As Alternative Fuel Source


Washington (DC) - It seems everything can be used as an alternative fuel source these days. From corn to water, and hydrogen to human fat, the breadth of possibilities is limitless. Now we can add printed circuit boards to that list, thanks to a group of researchers from the Middle East.

Scientists in Romania and Turkey have discovered a new way to recycle circuit boards into raw materials that are environmentally friendly. The recycled substance can be used in manufacturing plastic or other consumer produts, or even in fuel.

Unlike most other alternative fuels that rely on useful products, this solution gets rid of two problems at once. The expansion of electronic waste is creating an ever-growing problem, and researchers have been hard at work finding ways to effectively recycle the sometimes hazardous products that are readily discarded.

The new study looked at thrown out circuit boards and treated them with extreme heat and chemical filtering. This removed all toxic substances and returned an oil byproduct that the scientists say could be used safely as a form of fuel.