Crytek Working on DirectX 11 Patch After All

After the recent hoopla surrounding Crysis 2 and a DirectX 11 patch that was supposedly set to launch but actually didn't exist, turns out that Crytek was in fact working on DirectX 11 support after all. The news was announced over the weekend via a post on the MyCrysis forums.

"We would like to announce that there will be a DX11 patch released for Crysis 2," said Crytek community manager Cry-Tom. "We are working to get the best out of DX11, so we’ll wait to announce the features until a little closer to release."

PC-Max originally caught wind of the patch late last month, and reported that it would be released on the following Monday. The supposed patch date came and went without any signs of the highly-anticipated update. At the time, Crytek community manager Cry-Tom said that a DirectX 11 patch was never confirmed in the first place, and had no idea why the site posted the information.

"When there are any big announcements regarding Crysis 2 they will be posted on MyCrysis, if you read something about a patch for example, but don't see it on, then it isn't genuine," he said.

It's highly probable that the patch has been in development all along, and that someone familiar with the game's development leaked the news to PC-Max. It's also not the first time a developer has denied the existence of a game or update-- typically it's a "neither confirm nor deny" policy until a product is determined fit for full development.

Naturally no official release date has been set for the patch, so stay tuned.

  • LuckyDucky7
    All I can say is it's ABOUT TIME.

    Don't lead us on, Crytek- but on the other hand, I'm waiting for that patch to come out before I buy the game...

    You might lead us to think that you sold us out.
  • fyend
    Meh. Don't really care, I blew through the single player in 2 afternoons and the multiplayer is pretty generic. Not sure it being slightly prettier would make me care enough to fire it back up.
  • house70
    With latest games, I have been waiting for the GOTY editions to come out; that way I know I am getting something polished for the money, and also some add-ons.
    Crysis 2 is no exception.
  • skaz
    Too late. For whatever reason they waited I'm still going to do my own personal waiting for this game to hit the bargain bin.
  • christop
    I was kinda let down by the game so a patch is not going to fix it for me. Kudos for making the patch.
  • Agustus69
    Should have come out with the release of the game. PC players are having a coronary about how bad a console port Crysis 2 to begin with - at least having DX11 from day one would have helped.
  • dfusco
    too little too late
  • lradunovic77
    Textures in this game need to be redone as well.
  • lradunovic77
    Crytek should had use Crysis 1 engine to do Crysis 2 story. It would be much better.
  • eklipz330
    sellouts are sellouts, what else can you say