DNS Problem Brings Great Firewall of China Global

CNet reports that on Wednesday, a Chilean DNS admin sent out an email to his counterparts in the rest of the world asking them about a strange problem a local ISP had noticed. The ISP said one of the main DNS root servers, called the I Root Server and operated in Sweden, was directing visitors endeavoring to access up to 30 different sites, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to servers in China. Because people were being redirected to China, they ended up behind the Great Firewall of China.

It's no secret that China has changed DNS routing information to redirect users of censored services to government-run servers instead of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, however, ComputerWorld reports that this is the first public disclosure that those route have leaked outside of China. Citing Danny McPherson, a chief security officer with Arbor Networks, CW reports that the rerouting was probably an accident. McPherson says the ISP that used the bad routes probably misconfigured its BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) system.

"I don't think it was done intentionally," he told ComputerWorld. "This is an example of how easy it is for this information to be contaminated or corrupted or leaked out beyond the boundaries of what it was supposed to be."

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  • starhoof
    And this is how Google war I began
  • mayne92
    starhoofAnd this is how Google war I beganwhat? lol

    This doesn't surprise me really...
  • Just another display of Chinese arrogance and attacks against US companies. I hope this is a wake up call to all those who think doing business in China is a good idea. Maybe we ought to think about doing business in India,Thailand,Philippines or even again in the USA. What is funny to me is American companies are moving to China to take advantage of the reduced cost but Chinese companies are starting to build factories in the USA to promote their products. Seems like a contradiction. If Chinese companies can move here and manufacture their products in the USA why can't US companies do the same? The world needs to step up to the China threat and start taking it seriously!
  • JohnnyLucky
    If I'm not mistaken this isn't the first time for strange rerouting.
  • rollerdisco
    JohnnyLuckyIf I'm not mistaken this isn't the first time for strange rerouting.I think your right, they were probably hacked too.
  • ikefu
    We need a virus that reroutes China's traffic to US servers.

    Oh the horror when the Chinese people will be free to surf youtube and watch videos of Lolcatz! Chinese stability will be doomed!!!
  • Gulli
    Meanwhile our politicians (American, European and Down Under alike) are still addicted to kissing Chinese butt...
  • Tomtompiper
    MMMMMM... Chinese butt. Lolllllllllll......
  • Pei-chen
    LOL, another Jane's best.

    BTW, did you guys understand the article? Outside ISPs misrouted their traffic to China, not the other way around. When you log on to your ISP in the US, you don’t automatically end up in China. Your ISP has to route your connection to China first.
  • digiex
    It seems that the world wide web has a life of its own, or it it really evolving into a new type of life form.