Dell's Streak MID Disassembled and Photographed

The Dell Steak has turned quite a few heads since the beginning of this year. It's only just recently hit retailer's shelves but that doesn't mean people weren't completely taken in by the MID when word of the device first hit during CES. With its 5-inch display, it was almost too large to be a smartphone, but it was definitely too small to be a tablet. And besides, if it makes phone calls and sends text messages, doesn't it deserve to be called a phone?

As usual the fine folks over at iFixit are on hand to help us make sense of the inner-workings of this device. Does the teardown help us decide whether we're going to call it an MID, a smartphone, or a superphone? Not really, but it sure does make for excellent gadget porn.

Click through to iFixit for the full gallery of images.

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  • simplec1
    It's a shame that Dell did the same as apple and put this on AT&T's network
  • grieve
    It's a shame its so HUGE.... If it were the size of an iphone or blackberry i would be all over this device. As it is ty.
  • ares1214
    I would say too little too late, but in all honesty, too big too late!