Diablo 3 Hero Profiles Now Live

Don't be scared, it's just my awesome Wizard.

Diablo 3 gamers now have a way to show off their awesome heroes thanks to Blizzard's new hero profiles feature. Unfortunately, what's missing is the ability to show the public that you either spend too much time playing the hack-n-slash PC game, or that you're one of the last people on the planet that still hasn't completed Act III in Normal mode using your first character.

That said, the new hero profiles feature is great for looking at the character's equipment, game progression and whatnot on the fly outside the popular PC game. It's also good for showing off your elite slashing skills to BattleTag friends on Battle.net -- the Friends tab lets you check out your BattleTag friends’ characters, so that you can quickly compare notes on gear, skill & rune choices, and everything in between.

"The profiles allow easy sharing, comparing, and refining of heroes as players pursue monster-slaying mastery. We plan to add even more functionality to them as Diablo 3 evolves, including detailed statistics and tabs for achievements and artisans," Blizzard said on Monday.

Players can log in with their Battle.net account (look for the login box in the upper-right hand corner of your screen) to access hero profiles from any page on the Diablo 3 community site. It consists of three sections: Career, Heroes and Friends.

For starters, the Career panel keeps track of statistics like lifetime kills, elite kills, overall progression, and the current status of the Blacksmith and Jeweler. There are also slots for your second and third saved games, and a block that reports the time played by class.

In the Heroes section, players can see what each character currently wields, their attributes, their skills, their followers and progression in the normal to inferno timeline. Hover the mouse over a link in the character's equipment list and you'll see a pop-up window offering additional details about a specific item. A list of gear bonuses lets you see which piece of equipment is boosting the character's current stats.

Although the hero profile doesn't affect the game in any way, it definitely serves as a cool overview of the player's progression in Diablo 3. "If there’s something else you’d like to see appear in a character profile, please make sure to let us know in the comments below or on our website forums," Blizzard added.

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    Can we just change the name of this website to "Tom's Apple and Blizzard News Network".
    I think they missed the one about WoW losing 1.1 million subs last quarter.
  • This may be cool for the 1,000 players that still play it.

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  • Let's see how people like seeing my profile with inappropriate names for my toons because their toons and it's my god given free will to name them what i want. Let's see how long it takes Blizzard to put in a privacy option so people under 18 don't have to see my inappropriate toon names by accident or other...
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    Playing on hell mode level 57 barbarian +45%magic find . still didn't find any legendary items... getting tired of it :(