Duke Nukem Forever MP Screens, Maybe iOS?

In addition to releasing six screenshots from the multiplayer portion of Duke Nukem Forever, Gearbox Software announcedGearbox Community Day 2011, an event open to the public on June 11 that will likely lead into an annual event from here on out. This year, however, visitor will get a chance to play the long-awaited "sequel" alongside the Gearbox crew first before the game finally comes out of the closet next month.

"You'll get to hear the stories and meet the people behind some of Gearbox's biggest games, including Borderlands, Brothers in Arms, Aliens: Colonial Marines and more," the company teases. "Better yet, you'll get to experience the first public unveiling of never-before-seen materials by Gearbox."

Could this be the official big reveal of Aliens: Colonial Marines? To find out, interested gamers need to register here. The one-day event will take place on June 11 from 10am to 6pm at the Palladium Ballroom in Dallas, Texas.

In addition to the Gearbox Community Day news, reports are indicating that Duke Nukem Forever may actually land on Apple's iOS platform. The news stems from the PC version's manual already loaded up on Valve's Steam platform. At the very bottom, Gearbox has added Apple's standard licensing terms for playing games sold on the App Store.

"These license terms are in addition to all other terms of the Limited Software Warranty; License Agreement, and Information Use Disclosures," it reads. "If any Software is provided to you through the Apple Inc. ("Apple") App Store, then the following additional terms and conditions in this paragraph apply. This Agreement is solely between you and Licensor, and not with Apple. You acknowledge that Apple has no obligation to furnish any maintenance or support services to you in connection with the Software."

Naturally the legal jargon goes on, but you get the drift: it seems highly probable that an iOS version is in the works-- possibly using Epic's Unreal Engine 3 streamlined for the mobile OS. Duke Nukem Forever currently uses a heavily modified version of Epic's Unreal Engine 2.5 as it is, and Gearbox already has extensive experience with the newer, fresher version.

Of course, this could also mean that the Mac version is heading to the Mac App Store. However, Valve currently isn't listing the Mac version on the Duke Nukem Forever Steam page, and so far, only the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC versions have been officially announced.

Note to self: take the week off when Duke finally hits the store shelves.

  • Does anyone know if this will work on a Windows Me system?
  • belardo
    Well, give it a try and let us know if it works with WindowsME.

    The screen shots... looks like UE2.5 technology. UE3 tech is already getting old.

    So I guess, they finished up what was put together... DNF can run on low-end computers with older tech.
  • shreeharsha
    windowsmeloverDoes anyone know if this will work on a Windows Me system?Win Me is officially dead
  • cinergy
    windowsmeloverDoes anyone know if this will work on a Windows Me system?
    This game looks it could run on Windows 3.1.
  • fyasko
    windowsmeloverDoes anyone know if this will work on a Windows Me system?
    bwahaha... what a horrible Os...
  • srgess
    Look like playstation 2 port game on screenshot but i will def buy this game for the gameplay, duke nukem 3d was the shit !
  • memadmax
    Windows ME is one of the few OS's out there that you could do a clean install with, on a Virtual Machine, and it will crash on the first or sometimes second boot up. /fail....
  • excidium
    Its unfortunate that so many people buy a game because "it looks nice" or is using the latest in engine technology. There are lots of "nice looking" games that had initial screenshots were everyone said "This game looks awesome! Its going to kicka$$, I cant wait!", then it gets released and the gameplay is crap and it gets no following. Im not saying that DNF is gonna be the best game evar!, but to judge a game by its graphics is to judge a book by its cover.

    Also, when you play a fast-paced, fun-to-play, FPS... you arent concentrating on how the light bounces off of the glass, or how soft a shadow is... you are worried about that rocket flying at your face.
  • jgiron
    Graphics are nothing compared to game play, and if they stay true to the original...then hail to the king baby!
  • macewrox
    Hey guys, remember Two Worlds? Boy that game sure 'looked' nice.

    Give Duke another chance. Graphics shmafics.