Dungeon Siege 3 Dev Promises to Fix PC Controls

After playing Dungeon Siege 3 for the last few days, one of the biggest beefs I personally have had with the game thus far is with the controls. As it stands now, the keyboard and mouse configurations can't be changed, and for some, that may not be a problem. But for those who are accustomed to using custom key assignments (as in using the number pad to move about in a virtual world rather than WASD), it's annoying to say the least. There's even an option to open the in-game console, but so far that can't be accessed either.

"If there are PC gamers who are having a negative reaction it's less about what the combat is, it's more how the combat controls," lead designer Nathaniel Chapman told Eurogamer in an interview. "Actually this is one thing I would have liked to have spent more time on, and we are actually spending time on now. Basically, as long as PC gamers have a good way to control the combat, they will enjoy it."

He pointed out one review stating that playing with an actual controller is better than using the keyboard and mouse. Unfortunately, that's the honest truth: navigating through the character stats and actual swordplay is much easier on the console versions. On the PC front, players are forced to move by pressing the right mouse button and attacking with the left – panning the camera means moving the cursor completely to the left or right. Even more, figuring out what key activates what feature is a guessing game unless you've downloaded the manual (or it came in the packaged copy).

That said, the controls aren't horrible on the PC, but the game is obviously console-oriented which is a shame given that the Dungeon Siege IP itself originated on the PC. But at least a fix is on the way to make the game more PC-friendly. "Right now we're working on improving the PC controls through an update," he said, adding that the team was also considering a "more fleshed-out tutorial system" and possibly adding "more unique armor variants."

To read the full interview, head here.

  • hachem
    this is more a pr paper than an interview. a golden opportunity for the developer to sell his image and make us forget a lousy game.
  • dalethepcman
    Insert the USB end of your xbox 360 controller into your PC. Tada, its fixed!
  • alidan
    from what i read, this game is crap to begin with, the saveing feature, multiplayer is horribly botched...

    though i would get it for 5-10$ (as i can get better games for about that price, or free) but that would only be for single player, as multiplayer is worthless in this game.

    honestly, they should just release the source code and let the fans fix what they made.
  • bebangs
    same issue with crysis2.

    console-oriented games = boring pc game.
  • someguynamedmatt
    bebangssame issue with crysis2.console-oriented games = boring pc game.
    I'd like to agree, but this doesn't even compare to Crysis 2. There are just so many, many issues with it that it's just a mediocre production in general. At least that's what I think.

    Of course, I'm more of a guy that enjoys playing The Witcher 2 over and over again, instead of things like Dungeon Siege 3 where the characters all look like they're about twelve years old... Oh well... that game's certainly one of a kind, I'll tell you that much. One of the greatest things I've ever played. /Off Topic
  • Darkerson
  • NuclearShadow
    It figures doesn't it? A decent franchise goes down the toilet the moment its shared with the consoles as well. This is why PC gaming and console gaming needs to remain separate.
  • I hope they update the demo after the fix. Tried playing the PC demo but the control scheme was so terrible I quit 2min into it.
  • dalethepcmanInsert the USB end of your xbox 360 controller into your PC. Tada, its fixed!
    My Xbox controller doesnt have a usb end what do I do?
  • Trialsking
    Gee another console port, who would have guessed?!?!?