EU to Test MSFT's Browser Ballot Screen Solution

In July of this year, Microsoft proposed shipping a modified version of Windows to European customers. This version would include a ballot screen that would appear when the user tried to connect to the web, allowing them to choose a browser other than Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

The European Commission this morning released a statement detailing the satisfactory changes made to the proposal since it was first announced. The Commission went on to say that it would begin market testing the screen and on October 9, would formally invite comments from consumers, software companies, computer manufacturers and other interested parties.

Among the changes made by Microsoft is a brief explanation of what a browser is, as well as a "Tell me more" button for each browser.

EC Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes expressed positive opinions about the ballot screen proposal at a press conference today.

"We believe this is an answer," said Kroes. "I think this is a trustful deal we are making. There can't be a misunderstanding because it is the final result of a long discussion between Steve Ballmer and me."

Read the full statement from the European Commission here.

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  • viometrix
    so they finally got their head out of their A$$ES and accepted something, which i believe was rediculous to start with. we here dont complain that we get internet explorer, we know we can still download another browser if we choose. and to think europeans call americans stupid.
  • Jerky_san
    still don't understand why a company must offer its competitions products in its own..
  • WheelsOfConfusion
    Jerky_sanstill don't understand why a company must offer its competitions products in its own..

    You might try reading the summary of their decisions:
    EU - What MS did wrong and why it was bad.
    MS - Ballot, IE uninstallation, and API disclosures proposal.
    EU - Why they went with the ballot screen suggested by Microsoft instead of letting MS just drop IE entirely.
    And the latest press release by the EU is at the bottom of the article we're commenting on.