Loads of Skyrim Mods Already on Steam Workshop

As promised, Bethesda launched its Skyrim Creation Kit on Tuesday along with the Skyrim High-Resolution Texture Pack, both free to download from Steam. With the release of the Creation Kit, fans can now upload, download, and install custom content through the Skyrim section of the Steam Workshop, making sharing mods easier than ever before.

"Experience The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as you’ve never seen it before with the Skyrim High-Resolution Texture Pack," Bethesda said on Tuesday. "Make sure your system requirements exceed Skyrim’s recommended specs before attempting to install, including Windows Vista or 7 operating system, a minimum of 4 GB of system RAM, and a DirectX 9.0c compatible Nvidia or AMD ATI video card with at least 1 GB of RAM and the latest drivers."

Now just one day after the toolset's release, there are over 43 "pages" worth of Skyrim mods available for your downloading pleasure. One of the more notable uploads that's currently circulating in the news is one created by Valve itself called Fall of the Space Core, Volume 1. The "aggressively space-centric little robot" from Portal 2 literally drops from space and will tag along after a brief introduction, replying with lines of dialogue from Portal 2 as well as new Skyrim-themed lines mentioning dragons and other fantasy things.

The most popular Skyrim mods listed this week include Midas Magic - Spells for Skyrim, House Map Markers, Arrowsmith v3a, LakeView Manor, Complete Skyforge, Dynamic Torches, Kill Them Generals and more. Another notable mod is Open Cities which transfers the five major cities into the Tamriel worldspace, eliminating the load screen transitions, and Dovahkiin Hideout which gives every house in Skyrim a hideout.

"Every house will now include a basement door, look around your house, you will find it," the description reads. "This Hideout is shared between all houses, as long as you have the key for the house."

To get started modding, install the Creation Kit – free through Steam to all Skyrim owners – from the Tools section of your Steam Library (or, click here to launch directly). The Skyrim High-Resolution Texture Pack can be downloaded here.

  • hardcore_gamer
    This is how a PC game should be : MOD support and no stupid DRM
  • this is why i prefer pc over console.
  • Spyker2041
    @hardcore_gamer So Steam isn't DRM? If you think about it, it essentially is/
  • acerace
    9344650 said:
    @hardcore_gamer So Steam isn't DRM? If you think about it, it essentially is/

    IMO, it's technically. But I don't know much about DRM.
  • buckcm
    Spyker2041@hardcore_gamer So Steam isn't DRM? If you think about it, it essentially is/
    Notice harder_gamer said "stupid" DRM. Steam is very nice to use and actually has loosened up original DRM designs on a number of games because Steam was deemed to do a good enough job on its own to prevent piracy by the software companies. Steam innately does not limit the number of activations on games, although it will enforce if companies like Ubisoft decide to be lame, and really isn't the type of DRM that punishes legitimate buyers.
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    I can't imagine Skyrim on consoles. No mods, no console commands to circumvent bugs, no high-res texture pack... :lol: TES is MEANT for PC.
  • waxdart
    This is leading up to Mods that you pay extra for. Its all down hill from here. You'll need DRM for mods.
    When they turn off all the servers, will you still be able to play Skyrim? I can still play Morrowind and get a mods for that. The does away with it :(

    Steam is DRM stupid or not. But do keep in mind Steam also tracks usage and report back to whoever for marketing and profiling. Plus it's another credit card holding system to be hacked.

    I did have lot of mods installed which broke when steam updated skyrim unexpectedlyfor me.
    If supported mods do away with that issue and If they put "adult" mods on steam I'll be surprised. Some of those mods had a lot of ahem, detail ahem.
    How much will you pay for a some throwaway mods?

  • ojas
    Trust Valve to merge Portal and Skyrim... :D
  • siuol11
    It won't let me go to the HD texture pack page in my browser and I can't find it in steam.
  • spunkymunky
    Good job Bethesda. With such a great game and attention to detail you have converted me from a pirate to a game buyer (It also helped that steam had a special for $40). More gaming companies need to learn from this. Make a game specifically for PC, provide good updates, and make things $40 bucks and piracy will be a thing of the past.