Fujitsu's "Green" Notebooks Achieves 18Hr Life

Just one day before St. Patrick's Day, Fujitsu has revealed a batch of new laptops and desktops in its proGREEN line: two ESPRIMO PCs, two LIFEBOOK notebooks and two CELSIUS workstations. All devices feature pre-installed management and Energy Star 5.0 certification. Several also sport power optimized processors such as the Intel's Core i5 and Core i7 vPro.

For starters, Fujitsu's two energy-efficient desktops, the pro GREEN ESPRIMO E9900 and P9900, use Intel's latest Core i5 vPro processor and a power supply with up to 89-percent efficiency. The motherboard is halogen-free, reducing the amount of toxic chemicals needed for production.

The company's "green" notebooks, the LIFEBOOK E780 and S710, will arrive in 14-inch and 15.6-inch Energy Star 5.0 flavors. Fujitsu claims that the notebooks are 25-percent more energy efficient than previous models, with an added energy savings achieved by using an AC adapter with 87-percent efficiency. The E780 notebook even supposedly runs on 18 hours of life using two batteries.

To round out the "green" package, the CELSIUS workstations consist of a desktop (W280) and a laptop (H700), both of which feature Nvidia graphics. Both models achieve high performance while conserving energy, taking advantage of Intel's Core i7 processors. Fujitsu said that the CELSIUS models are also energy Star certified.

Currently pricing is not available, nor did the company release detailed specs on the machines.

  • jrharbort
    I'm guessing the systems use the recently released ULV Core i7 and Core i5 processors. The efficiency is a great idea, but using two batteries to achieve 18 hours isn't what some people consider green. 9 hours alone is often more than enough for most people's needs.
  • botabota
    its great to see fujitsu taking the going green thing seriously, hope they can even improve their green line even more
  • Tell that to Kermit, I'm sure he'll be picking one up soon.
  • Shadow703793
    18 hrs of watching pr0n! :lol:
  • haunted one
    Well....thought the battery life was 18 hrs per battery from the article title.

    That's still pretty decent though. Pricing will be interesting.
  • mavanhel
    I love that 18 hours on two batteries thing. People would be plenty impressed with 9 hours on one, since standard laptop battery length is 3 or less.
  • requiemsallure
    is anyone else tired of things being referred to as "GREEN"

    its not that i don't care about the environment or whatever my thing is that is has become annoying, can we not call it energy efficient, or environmentally friendly instead of putting a label on it? are we that lazy as to have to use a shorter word?

    bleh, in anycase, 18 hour battery life laptop seems interesting to me... long road trips anyone?
  • carlhenry
    shadow70379318 hrs of watching pr0n!
    now that's green
  • enewmen
    leonleeTell that to Kermit, I'm sure he'll be picking one up soon.It isn't easy being green....
  • lukeeu
    I love those laptops with two batteries. The best thing in my old d800 laptop is that I can just hotswap the optical drive for an extra 2.5h battery and when it runs out hot swap another without restarting. I'm looking for a replacement and it's good to know there are options.