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GeForce GTX Titan LE GPU-Z Information Leaked

A screenshot of GPU-Z has been leaked, which shows some specifications that we can only assume to be a less expensive version of the GTX Titan. While the GTX Titan has 14 out of 15 SMX units on the GK110 core enabled, the Titan LE would only have 12 out of 15 enabled. As a result, the card would have 2,304 cores, 40 ROPs, and 192 TMUs.

It also seems that the total onboard memory would be reduced to 5 GB and would run over a 320-bit memory interface. The original GTX Titan had its 6 GB memory run over a 384-bit memory interface. This would mean that the card would pump 240.3 GB/s of bandwidth.

Surprisingly, the clock speeds appear to be identical to those on the GTX Titan, running at 837 base and 876 boost. The memory clock speed would also remain at 6,008 MHz. While these specifications do point to a card weaker than the GTX Titan, it will still be very potent.

Lastly, the validity of the screenshot can also be questioned. The Device ID, BIOS Version and Release Date have been blurred out. Regarding the release date though, it has already been confirmed that a new GK110 GPU is arriving sometime in Q3 2013. Assuming that these specifications are correct, multiple sources indicate expected pricing to be around $700.

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