Galaxy S III is the Official London 2012 Olympics Phone

We'd heard rumors but now it's actually been confirmed: The Galaxy S III is going to be the official phone of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. We first heard that this was the case weeks before the phone even launched. Around mid-April Boy Genius Report got some inside information on the device along with word that the phone would be the official handset of the Olympics. Despite the launch and unveiling of the device taking place in London, we didn't hear anything about this when Samsung took the wraps off this device on May 3.

Today Samsung confirmed the phone's status as the Olympic phone and revealed that a limited edition version would be available to select athletes competing this coming summer. It's actually part of a collaboration with Visa that will see the Galaxy S III equipped with the credit card company's payWave mobile payment application. Samsung and Visa sponsored athletes and trialists will be provided with the phones which can be used to buy merchandise at thousands of retail locations around London.

“Mobile payment services enabled by NFC technology are gaining momentum around the world," said DJ Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing team of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business. "The Samsung GALAXY S III has been created with our human needs and capabilities in mind and is the ideal device to showcase the ease and convenience of Visa’s mobile payment application at the London 2012 Olympic Games."

Samsung says that by the time the Olympics kick off, there will be 140,000 mobile pay terminals in the UK. Users of Visa's app will just wave their phone for contactless payments on small purchases (less than £20), but bigger purchases will require the user to enter a pin. So far there's no word on whether or not this Olympic handset will go on general sale, but we'll keep you posted.

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  • jankeke
    What do they need an official phone of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games for ?

    Ah yes, money !
  • rgjhawkins
    getreal1. Isn't using a stolen OS.2. Isn't made by Samsung3. Designed by an American company4. Not made entirely of plastic5. The App storeEnough said.

    Hmm I thought maybe I'd get an intelligent response not some Adolescent rant from a jaded Apple fanatic....buuut I guess this is an internet forum after all, so it should be expected.

    I hope your world is a happy one ;)
  • silverblue
    getreal1. Isn't using a stolen OS.2. Isn't made by Samsung3. Designed by an American company4. Not made entirely of plastic5. The App storeEnough said.

    1. Didn't Apple borrow from Xerox PARC all those years ago?
    3. Not built in the US.
    4. Plastic can actually be quite strong. In any case, I'll refer you back to 2.
    5. Fine, but Android Market/Google Play isn't exactly a bad place.

    I'll be a little more objective than you;

    6. Apple phones generally have better battery life than the Android equivalent
    7. Refined user experience which, until Windows Phone 7.5, was still the benchmark
    8. The SGX543MP2 is still the strongest phone GPU
    9. Siri
    10. Pixel density
    11. Screen brightness
    12. Some might say 4"+ is too big for a phone

    Now, let's throw some back:

    1. Android phones have screens up to 4.8"; Apple is still pedalling 3.5". I'd rather have a larger screen when viewing media and the internet.
    2. Even large Android phones can weigh less and be thinner than the iPhone; the 4S should've been more adventurous. The SIII is much larger and still a little lighter, though the 4S features more glass as well as steel.
    3. The iPhone glass is renowned for being prone to damage from drops. I'd be disappointed if the SIII didn't perform as well as the previous models in this category.
    4. Antenna-gate, brief that it was; I never had issues with my old Galaxy S
    5. Flash; hate it all you want, but there's a lot of web content out there that I'm missing on my Lumia 800 and simply won't be available for iPhone users
    6. Samsung doesn't appear to shout and scream when they release a white model.
    7. SAMOLED.
    8. You can add microSD cards to most Samsung phones, including the SIII.
    9. In the case of the SIII, Smart Stay.
    10. I liked Iris. :P

    It's best to be objective about such things instead of appearing to be a troll.
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  • jankeke
    What do they need an official phone of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games for ?

    Ah yes, money !
  • Parsian
    lol, u kiddin? It is the Olympics, ofcourse they have to have olympic collectible items like those stupid pins, medals n sh*t.... I collected non during the Vancouver Olympics and I feel missed out since people made money off of them.

    In regard to NFC, i find it annoying that I can use my Galaxy Nexus for NFC transactions. I cant get Google Wallet on my Galaxy Nexus (unrooted) from Google Play's store in Vancouver. Lame. Not that it is a problem because im about to Root it as soon as i get the time and download it through XDA. My point is, Google better open up the access for w/e the reason they are halting access...
  • MrSmitty81
    Pretty dissapointed with the specs of the phone. I was going to make the switch from the iphone 3gs to this but now I am not so sure. Might hold out and wait one more phone generation.